Place Your Votes on Next Topic. Or, if you think these suck, submit your own.

This week I am leaving it up to the good taste of my readers to choose the topic of my post. Get your votes in quick as I plan to start writing on Saturday.

Here are the choices followed by a form to place your vote:

  1. A second installment of the my new Spice it up series where I suggest naughty things to spice up your sex life.

  2. Short story about two girls I met one night walking home from the bars. They were straight as can be when I met them and practically lesbian before we where through. One friend ended up making the other come in the apartment Jacuzzi.

  3. Go out and ask strangers questions that readers submit and write about the experiences – and post their answers?

  4. Craziest places I’ve made out.

  5. The good, bad, amazing and terror of messing around with co-workers.

Thank you for your input.