Naughty Polls: new polls & improvements

Been making improvements to – please give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Thank you.





Should There be Doctors for Orgasms & other Questions About Sex

If a person hires an escort (prostitute) should they get their money back if they don’t orgasm?

If they cheat and the sex is bad, should they feel cheated?

If their partner gets off watching them do it, should they be blamed for doing it?

Should there be doctors and clinics that treat ailments with orgasms?

Should politicians have to have at least one debate in the nude?

If someone is working on their roof and watching a neighbor sunbath – out in the open but in their own backyard, who’s fault is it?

If you slept with them first, is it really cheating if you hookup with them again, or is it the the person their with now who cheated you?

If you’ve already done it once, is it twice as bad or no worse to do it again?

Would you choose tell your partner about all of your past sexual experiences with others if you could know everything about your partner’s past encounters?

Are you more likely to not tell your partner because it was too good or because you were too bad?




Have someone Coming over for Interview in a about an hour, let me know some shocking questions you’d like me to ask her.

I don’t do Tinder. Much. I open it up sometimes and swipe when I’m out somewhere and have a few moments to kill, I’ve only met up with one person from Tinder.

Tonight will be the second person I’ve met on Tinder – only meeting her because she agreed to come do an interview, and because her pics don’t suck.

The good part is I don’t know her – just swiped her last night while out having sushi, and Tindering, so I can ask her just about anything w/out much shame: I won’t ask her anything that would hurt her feelings of course; but, pissing her off or triggering moral sensibilities, bring it.

You can submit questions below Рand no matter how shocking or personal,  intrusive or sexual, I will ask them.



I’ll ask You One & You Ask me One?

Choose an answer from the form below and submit it. Then include a question back, if you wish, and I’ll answer it.

Results will be posted on this page – you may select to keep your name anonymous if you wish.

I made that Naughty Polls Website

Okay, I made the poll site I posted about last week. There’s is more to be added to it, but it is up and working – with a few dozen questions for those who want to try it out.

No sign up necessary to answer poll questions but you need to have a non-blocked IP. When you go to answer your first poll Рthe site will direct you to select your gender Рthen return you to the original poll  you were answering. Selecting your gender is necessary because all poll results are broken down by gender.

The following images are linked to the corresponding actually pages if you want to try them out.

Home page screenshot – shows available poll categories

naughty polls homepage


Category Page – shows Poll questions in particular category

naughty polls question page 2

Single Poll Page Example

naughty polls answer page


I hope you enjoy the site – Let me know how it works and what you think. The site is brand new and still in beta – there are many more poll questions and features coming.