What is Coming after Dare?

Dare (the first Volume of The Sinner Saint Diary series) is on schedule to be released January 1st, as announced.

Here is a preview of some of the other stories being prepared for the series.

Dare II – Story about my relationship with Morgan (from Dare 1), and how we not only continued the Dare game but basically defined our relationship around it. I lived with Morgan for a year before we broke up, and even then, we continued the game.

Landlord – Story about a medical student who was part of a group of friends I met through an ex girlfriend. Gina became my landlord after I moved out of the ex’s house. This is the story of the fun I had living in Gina’s house, and how – as unlikely as it was, her and I became sexually… involved.

Sushi Waitress Voyeur – Story about Lisa – a young sushi waitress/server that I met during lunch one day and began dating. Her being Korean and being my server at a sushi restaurant wasn’t the most interesting part. We both were about to discover that Lisa – this shy twenty year old, had a genuine, certified, one hundred percent, incredible, pathological voyeuristic fetish:  the story goes into the fascinating nature of Lisa’s sexuality – as she discovers it. I share the hot and crazy things that would get her off. Get us both off.

Cube Mate – Story about my former “cube mate” at work, Kary. She was the biggest flirt I’d ever met. Her type of flirting was what I call “chicken-flirt,” where thing was seeing how close to the line she could take it – or get others to take it, without ever officially doing anything. Kary was devoted to the boyfriend she lived with and was engaged to. Unfortunately she took her game too far and ended up falling prey to her own game. The story with Kary heats up and spirals downward until our company Christmas party where all her teasing and chicken-flirting culminates into full, scandalous surrender. The best part? Her husband was asleep in their hotel room down the hall, and their wedding was the very next weekend.

Hottest True Housemates Story Ever – Following an ad on Craigslist, I rented the master bedroom of this nice condo where two other girls were living. One of the girls was the owner – or, her parents were, and the other was just some acquaintance of the the owner, who was also renting. Both the girls had boyfriends, and I had a girlfriend at the time I moved in. This story could do wonders for the condo, and room-rental, market if enough people read it. This is one of the 90%+ true stories of the series – and might also be the hottest and most scandalous. What happens?  Stuff you masturbate to for life – memories you skip real sex to masturbate too.

Campfire talk – Story about a tell-all talk I had with a woman while we stayed up all night by a campfire, after her husband and my girlfriend had gone to bed in their respective tents.


Really Happening January 1st: Inaugural Publication of The Sinner Saint Diary: Volume 1 – Dare

With the first volume of The Sinner Saint Diary in it’s final review for publication, I want to formally introduce the series. I am Duncan Lory, the author of The Sinner Saint Diary, and I greatly appreciate you giving the Diary an opportunity to earn your readership. Dare is the very first installment in a series that will progress over a projected twenty unique publications. The volume is coming in at about 35k words over seven chapters.  I will be supplementing the series on the website, http://thesinnersaintdiary.com. The site will include interviews with actual characters, background facts, and a few other crazy ideas that I’ll keep a surprise for now.

Essentially, the aim of The Sinner Saint Diary series is to write stories that seem as real as possible: for me, the more real an erotic story seems, the more potential it has to be enjoyable and arousing. The easiest way to write a story that feels real is to write about real experiences. If I could write stories that were all one hundred percent true to history, that would be the ideal. To make my experiences translate into effective stories, I add, remove, and adjust the facts as needed. This first story, Dare, is at least seventy percent true. There are a few stories to be published soon, that are as much as ninety percent true.

This first story will introduce you to several people who show up at different times in stories throughout the series. Due to the very personal and explicit nature of this story, all names were changed and the four primary participants were notified and provided a copy of what I was going to publish. I was initially able to get consent from everyone except for one – a person that one of the main characters is based on. I didn’t feel the story could be told without the character in question, so publication was put on hold for several months, until Thanksgiving day when this wonderful person gave me their blessing to go ahead and publish.

My editor has been fine-tuning for a January first release, but after six months of editing she still can’t seem to make it cover to cover without having to masturbate.