When Losing Love

When they haven’t called after a day or a week

When you’re still waiting as a month is approaching

When it’s different this time and you know it’s for good

When you keep loving more and they love you less

When you don’t reach out because they won’t respond

When they need no goodbyes and you can’t say goodbye

When they were your future and want you in their past

When you can’t sleep and you’d rather not wake up

When you don’t know how you’ll be happy without them

When you can no longer get them mad

When who you are stopped being enough

When you feel so alone that you want to throw up

When you can’t imagine forever without them

When you wonder if their love was just imagined

When nobody else will do

When the love of your life no longer wants you





Lady Christ My Territory

Lady Christ
Look intently but soft
Your vision is floating
She is alive in there.

Painted invitations
Like sheets over ghosts
Light up the divine in you,
Will anyone come see?

First Since Da Vinci
Miracles madeĀ  Visible
Divinity Impressed
The rest of reality

Can you see the world in there?

Can you see the world in there?