Weekend in the life: wet lips, hard parts, loud coming, blond bush, part 2 of 4

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Part two of Four

“My roommates are sleeping – they are total dicks – we should do this later.”

Sheryl ignored me. She stared into my eyes, expanded her strokes up and down my cock and sucked on my bottom lip. She caught it with a lick as I pulled back to continue whispering my case.

“Why don’t we..”

I forgot what I was going to say – Sheryl interrupted my train of – grabbed my hand and guided it up under her skirt and pressed it against her. Her panties were wet. No, drenched. I pulled her skirt up to look.

She was wearing sheer black panties with some kind of lace pattern – her full blond bush was clearly visible – natural. My fingers slipped around the panties – right into her – it was a bath in there. Her wetness was already all over her lips – the top of her thighs – almost to her ass until I dipped two fingers and painted wet the rest of the way. Wet enough to smoothly pop the tip of my middle finger in back there. Sheryl moaned and “oh-my-godded” – already too loudly.

I was too turned on this point – too much to remember my efforts to keep us quiet. Sheryl scooted her skirt down – removed her sandals – bra – blouse – and slinky wet panties.

“I’ve missed you,” she said as she worked my the fly of my boxers off. She gave me a light kiss with a delicate tip of tongue, and stepped back to my bed. She led me by my dick and arm as she sat back. In one continuous-ish motion, she laid back at the edge, lifted her legs apart, her knees up towards the ceiling, and reeled me in to the spot – slid right into her.

As soon as most of me was in her, I knew there’d be commotion of consequence. I tried to shush and tell her to be quiet. Maybe ten full thrusts and she started coming and announced it.

I gave up trying – let her be her – and fucked her like mad – we fucked hard – and she kept loud and got louder with each of several orgasms – until it happened.

“Oh god, Mike…”

What the fuck. My name’s not Mike.

“What the fuck, ‘Mike’?” I said as I pulled out and stood up – throbbing in pain – stopped dead on the verge of coming brains.

My roommates were up – I could hear one go into our shared bathroom in the hallway. Sheryl tried to correct the name – but it was too late.

She felt horrible and wanted to explain. She’d been seeing a guy – was getting serious with. He wouldn’t know about her trip to see me.

“I really like him but I’m sort of infatuated with you. I wasn’t thinking like it was him  – I think I’m just feeling guilty about this – so he was on my mind that way – just came out – I’m sorry.”
Gets crazier  – stay tuned for part 3 of 4

Isn’t this an erotica blog – what’s with the love poems, where’s the sex? Here it is.

Sex isn’t sexy if there’s just sex and not some other parts of life – perhaps tamer parts for the explicit to interrupt.

Most of my explicit content and erotic stories I save for publishing in the volumes of The Sinner Saint Diary books. I have decided to share some stories on the blog as well – mainly smaller, one offs that don’t really fit into any of the stories chosen for publishing.

Content warning: if you read this blog just for the “philosophical” content and have aversions to sexually explicit stories, click here to read Nineteen Things I’ve Learned About It..

One weekend in my life as a college sophomore.

After a Friday night of partying at a friends fraternity I woke up early to a phone call – it pierced like a shotgun blast through into a near death hangover.

“Hi, Duncan?”


“I’m hear downstairs – can you buzz me in?”

Fuck! Apparently I’d talked Sheryl into flying out – from Arizona to California. Thanks to the alcohol and half dozen lines, I had no memory of talking her into flying out for the weekend. Knowing myself, it wasn’t hard to guess what was happening.

“Hold on.”

Luckily my roommate had spent the night at his girlfriend’s – as usual. I tried to keep quiet for the two sleeping in the apartment’s other bedroom.

As soon as Sheryl got to my room she started in – removed my robe – kissed and grabbed. This was good – I didn’t have to pretend to remembered inviting her and act happy to see her.

It was around 9am – very early by college “apartment-dorm” standards on a Saturday. This was a problem – Sheryl was wanting to fuck. Fucking wasn’t the problem – the fact that she was the loudest girl i had ever been with was.

I met Sheryl at a summer job while home for the summer. She was a thin, tall, bleach blond sorority girl – dressed expensively and groomed meticulously – tried hard to be materialistic and Greek-cliche, but underneath she was shy, kind and really working hard to fit in with a shallower, more self assured crowd.


Sheryl was wearing a dressy skirt and blouse – can’t remember ever seeing her in anything other than a skirt. Her panties were always slinky and sexy – not sure if that was for seeing me or everyday. She had long legs and small perky tits with pronounced nipples longer than pencil erasers. Sheryl was skin-and-bones thin so the small breasts and assertive nipples harmonize beautifully and sufficiently with the rest of her. Her hair was the best – perfectly healthy and straight – long to the middle of her back. She was a natural blond – and by the fullness of her bush – proud of it.

So, Sheryl had gotten on a plane, flown to LAX (Los Angeles airport), taken a Super Shorty five minutes to my place and was dressed to the nines with full makeup – all by 9am… if that wasn’t reason enough to cooperate, her hand reaching down my shorts and fondling my dick was. Or, the hangover hornyness was. Do you get that? Do girls get hungover horny?

For a guy, hungover hornyness is when you wake up semi-hard, still a little drunk from the night before, feeling too brain dead to think, but ready to do anything pleasurable – to ride out the buzz residue and stave off the fully lucid and painful waves of recovery. Hungover sex – better than bacon.

Anyway, I’d only slept with Sheryl a couple times. Once in a hotel and once in my parents/family house while nobody was home. The time in the hotel I stopped much sooner than I would have – was sure there would be complaints if we continued. Very orgasmic girl – she’d come right away and keep coming – and keep vocalizing and moaning loud. It would have been unacceptable if it hadn’t been natural and sincere – if not for Sheryl being shy, appropriate and so prudent otherwise.

End of part one of two


Exploring Our Orgasms – Let’s Have Some Private Talk About Coming

While we might give the male orgasm higher priority, there’s much more discussion about the nature of the female orgasms – more effort put forth to know the complexities and forms a woman’s orgasm can take. Are we mislead by how easy it is for a man to reach orgasm, or the obviousness of ejaculation, and closing the discussion too early? With women, is it possible we do the opposite – analyze the female orgasm to where we feel like we’d need a PHD to approach one?

The plan is to reverse the perspective a bit and hopefully improve our relationship with each others orgasming. Mostly, this is a reason to talk about our orgasms – which obviously, is fun.

I’ve come up with the following ten questions about orgasms. I’ve shared my own answers and invite everyone to share your own answers using the form I’ve included at the end of the post. You’re answers will be shared anonymously on this post. If you do not wish to be anonymous, feel free share your answers in a comment.

I totally understand that some may be here to read and not contribute – It’s my damn blog – my cross to bear after all. For those interested in sharing, please don’t be shy – your answers will absolutely make this discussion more interesting. Thank you. (see why I’m not in sales?)

These questions are ones that I thought might bring out some less common, and in some cases more private,  views of orgasm. As a secondary aim, I hope some questions will show the female orgasm as more accessible and approachable – and show some complexities about the male orgasm.

Q1. As an adult, what was the most unlikely orgasm you’ve had?
This might be a time when you had an orgasm doing something that you or others wouldn’t expect would cause you to orgasm, or it could be a situation that turned you on so much that you had an autonomous orgasms with little or no real stimulation. There must have been some romantic or sexual aspect – so just climbing a rope  and having an orgasm doesn’t count. If you’ve got a couple times that are both as unlikely, feel free to include them both.

My answer: I had an orgasm at work one time after my cube mate teased me to death one day. (story to be published). In college I got an erection while posing nude for a graduate student. She tried to break the tension by joking, “you’re not going to come are you because I need a heads up to get the right color ready.” I told her no, I wasn’t going to come as long as nothing touched it. The conversation lead to her conducting an experiment – she stroked her fingers two or three times – barely making contact – and I shot all over her studio floor. Good thing her husband wasn’t around.

Q2. What is the most unique, and possibly more secret, way you have made yourself orgasm?
This could be something you did once or twice in the past, or something that still do now and then to make yourself come. This could be something very subtle or something very crazy – something that would occur to people that you did – or something they’d never think you’d admit to.

My answer: probably what I’ve been doing lately when I’ve got time to do it – which is hands free masturbation. I just lay there and think myself into orgasm – it takes a while to happen – but the orgasms are ridiculously strong.

Q3. Including any lover you’ve had, what is the most interesting, crazy or unlikely thing that brought about your lovers orgasm when you did it? or they did it?
This might a phrase that you said, or something you did you their body – or your own.

My answer: One girlfriend, who was straight other wise, would come as soon as I commanded her to tell me that she wants to lick her best friends pussy. Lisa, my horny Asian ex who I met at a sushi restaurant (she was my server) – liked to watch me jack off and would orgasm when she saw me start to spurt.

Q4. Are you always silent when you are alone and orgasm while masturbating? If not, be totally honest and tell us what sound you make when having your orgasm?

My answer: Usually silent, but on occasion moan out when I’m particularly turned on and having super powerful orgasm.

Q5. When is the most interesting or crazy time you had an orgasm while with another person or in public but nobody but you knew about it?

My answer: This is a hard one to answer. There’s been many times around people that didn’t know about it, but always one that did. Okay, here’s one time. During high school I was on a family ski vacation in Sun Valley Idaho and we all went on a sleigh ride. There were a whole group of us on the ride – and we all were completely covered in blankets. It was very dark and quiet. My dad’s cousins wife was sitting next to me – she was was probably at least 15 years older than me – and she was hot. We were packed in tight so everyone’s arms were pretty much in their neighbors lap or on their leg.  So this  “aunt,” or “second removed cousin’s wife” had her arm resting on my leg and at some point her hand was close enough to my junk to be making some form of contact. She wasn’t grabbing or stroking, but against it, and I came my balls off in the sled surrounded by friends and family.

Q7. If you were alone masturbating and on the verge or orgasm, and someone walked in on you, would you let your orgasm happen, or try to clamp it off? Part b. Has this happened? If so, what did you do?
(Let’s assume it is someone that fits with your sexual preference – so if you like girls it is a girl that walks in, etc.)

My answer: For sure! Would likely make it much better. Parts b. I don’t remember having anyone walk in unexpectedly at the moment or orgasm, but had people present for it – and have been watched by someone who didn’t know I knew they were watching.

Q9. Don’t hold back, what is the most outrageous thing you’ve done or said while at the mercy of an orgasm?
We all have those times, or that one time, when in the minds of an exceptionally powerful orgasm we’ve let ourselves go and done something super crazy or nasty – relative to what we’d normally do at least? Perhaps something just slipped out involuntarily.

My answer: nothing much that I wasn’t already doing before starting to orgasm. Probably just moaning louder than I should have because people were in range to hear.

Q10. What have you been doing lately to achieve better orgasms?

My answer: interacting with readers and hands free masturbation as already mentioned.

I’ve told my secrets, now it is your turn. All answers will be shared anonymously. Thank you. (oh, and questions seven & eight have gone missing – has anyone seen them?)

(submitted answers are displayed below this form at bottom of post)

Anonymous Reader Answers

Anonymous Reader 1:

While on a long road trip, my ex & I pulled off to the side of the highway for a short nap. I dozed off in the passenger seat while he slept. I had an erotic dream (don’t remember the details) & woke up coming hard. He had no idea.

Question 2 Pressed up against the jets in a Jacuzzi- yum :). Haven’t had the opportunity in quite a while now, but it feels amazing.
Question 3 Most things that lead to their orgasms are pretty understandable & expected… but would have to say an old lover in this case. When we were pressed for time, we’d quickly masturbate together… he could go all day, until I said I was coming… he would come that very instant with me.
Question 4 On my own I’m quiet if I need to be, otherwise there is definitely some gasping & moaning… sometimes an ‘oh God!’ or two…
Question 5 I was recently fingered outside in a parking lot of a bar… squirted. Twice. I don’t think anyone saw, but I couldn’t help from making a little noise.
Question 6 I’d probably go for it… though the rhythm would likely be interrupted if I was startled.
Question 7 Well there’s the yelling of ‘fuck me!’ Which can be unexpected if I haven’t said it yet, and I just burst out with it before I come.
Question 8 Having way-the-fuck-better sex, and being open about what I want/need. Using a dildo instead of a vibrator.
Question 9 Alright… one of us got our numbers fucked up here…
Question 10 Lol. I think you deleted the naughtiest questions 😉
Your own thoughts on the topic ‘Thoughts’ babe… well I’m pleased to have some better answers now

Anonymous Reader 2:

Question 2 I really like rubbing up against things, even if I’m using toys I like to rub against something.
Question 3 One partner would come when I would tighten up while they were inside me, another one loved dirty talk and me telling them to come in my mouth because they weren’t allowed to do that with previous partners.
Question 4 When allowed, I’m always loud. Less so when I’m by myself, but if I can’t be loud I grit my teeth and I’d prefer not to do that.
Question 5
Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Question 9 Mostly just an extreme amount of dirty talk. I can bite really hard too, claw down backs and grit my teeth if I can’t talk/groan.
Question 10 Trying to hold off on doing it *quite* so much. I’m a 3-4 times a day kind of gal, typically out of boredom but I’ve been forcing myself to wait lately and it’s been way better.


Anonymous Reader 3:

[The Sinner Saint Diary] Exploring Our Orgasms – Let’s Have Some Private Talk About Coming
I have two, both piercing related. About a year ago, a day or two after I got my vertical clitoral hood piercing, the piercing was still fresh and super sensitive, so when I was driving on a bumpy road, my piercing vibrated against my clit and I reached orgasm unexpectedly. A few months ago, I got a triangle piercing (piercing behind/beneath the clit), and I had to refrain from sex and I masturbation for a bit during the initial healing phase. I was a few weeks into not touching myself or fucking, and I had an orgasm dream. Not a sex dream, but a dream with no sex at all, just straight to orgasm. https://theboysiencounter.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/orgasm-dream/

Question 2 Lately, I have really been into the idea of fisting. Because my regular wasn’t quite into the idea of fisting, I have been attempting (I have yet to succeed) to fist myself and it has resulted in quick yet strong orgasms.
Question 3 There was a guy I never met in person, we just sexted a whole bunch. Well, one night, instead of sexting or skyping, he requested to call me, but not to talk, to just hear me breathing while I touched myself. He was already aware that I don’t moan/scream when I cum, he just wanted to hear the progression of my breathing. So when he called, I touched myself and he listened to me breath and he came. He claims he wasn’t touching himself, he just got off hearing my breathing get heavier as I orgasmed.
Question 4 Generally speaking, I am silent aside from my breathing getting heavier. However, there have been a few occasions I have let out slight sighs of relief if the orgasm was really strong.
Question 5 There have been quite a few instances, but the first was when I was in my early teens and I had several friends over for a slumber party. We were all sprawled out in the living room, I was wrapped in a blanket on the loveseat by myself. We were watching a movie, I can’t remember what exactly, but there was a sex scene, not even a raunchy one or even any nudity, but it got me wet. So while we are all still watching the movie, I reached down and rubbed my clit to full orgasm. To my knowledge, no one knew. It was quite exciting doing it like that in front of people without their knowledge, with the idea that someone could catch me.
Question 6 What’s question 6? I don’t see it.
Question 7 It depends on who it was and what their vibe was walking in. Like I would probably jump up at first, realize who it is and assess the situation. If the person was attractive and seemed like they’d be into it, I would keep going. If they too jumped and were thrown off guard, I would probably cover up and not finish. It’s never happened, but I think it would be a turn on if it did and they were into watching me or wanted to join.
Question 8 No question 8?
Question 9 I’m not one to say anything too out of the ordinary while fucking.
Question 10 Tease and denial. Hands down, when done properly, the orgasms are way stronger because the amount of time building it up.
Your own thoughts on the topic Overall, everyone has their preferences. It’s all about exploring yourself and being open to trying new things, you may discover some interesting ways to please yourself. Enjoy it 😉



Anonymous Reader 4:

I got the Christina piercing (hood of vagina). Being exposed and in pain in front of strangers was incredibly arousing. Once I got to my car I barely touched myself through my jeans for a minute or two and came.

Question 2 I sat on my grandparents old dryer to keep it from being so loud (I was baby sitting my cousin and she had just fallen asleep). I noticed it felt good, it took me about a cycle and a half to climax.. that was my first orgasm.
Question 3 He was going down on me while I told him about the sexcapes I’d had earlier.. He was touching himself but not full on jacking off. We had to change the sheets before we went to bed, I guess you could say I cucked him.
Question 4 If it’s really good sometimes I let out a moan, it’s like I can’t contain it.
Question 5 Concert, beau at the time made me squirt. I screamed but I don’t think anyone realized what was going on.. had dry cum on my leg the rest of the day.
Question 6 Is this a trick? I don’t see a 6 or an 8
Question 7 Totally
Question 8
Question 9 One time I screamed “Jesus, Mary and Joseph CHRIST” (I’m not religious) Another – my guy and I were doing a full swap and I proclaimed that his wife was going to eat his cum out of me..
Question 10 Different types of stimulation. A week ago I tried: a vibrating plug and a jack rabbit at the same time—it was an out of body experience.
Your own thoughts on the topic 2015 Cosmopolitan study which found that only 57% of women usually reach orgasm with a partner, while their partners climax 95% of the time, hats off you to for bringing up a taboo subject.


Thank you Everybody

Most Arousing : Silent, Risky & Simple

When we think of where we might find an exquisitely arousing experience – deep sexual satisfaction, visions of three ways, all-night sex marathons , incredibly attractive and skillful lovers,  sexual acts that are particularly kinky or forbidden – or, other such visions of sexual interaction being more grande – stimulation more glutinous.

I still wait for something more spectacular, where I might experience a new level of orgasm, or a transcendent sexual experience – or just one that is as exciting and powerful as it was at first when sex was new; But, the moments of overwhelming arousal, when sexual interaction is deeply fulfilling, almost always come about in situations much less grand, and often too subtle and emotionally complex to imagine or look for: such moments a  remarkable synchronicity of simple elements.

I’ve had a few experiences of the spectacular variety, but there’s only so good physical interaction can feel – and only so good a standard orgasm can be, and while a lot of the spectacular experiences produce optimal orgasms and maxed out pleasureful sensations, actual reward is always about the same – and not all that  much more fulfilling than a good masturbation.

There are times when the limits are broken and sexual interaction is more than orgasm, when orgasms are more than orgasms even, but the ingredients needed to bake such experiences, seem less available in many of the more obvious scenarios. Perhaps  the strongest experiences require a degree or type of sensitivity unable to service the sexual amplitude of extreme or “earth shattering” sexual interaction.

For example, there was an evening I write about in the next SSD book about a condo that I lived in for about a year – that I shared with the owner who rented me the room and another female tenant. Some crazy things happened during those condo days, but one of the most arousing and memorable experiences, was otherwise pretty unspectacular.

One night, while the landlord was away attending  a work related conference, I hung out and drank with the other tenant – who had just become single too. The next night she got home late in the evening after hitting happy hour and dinner with friends after work . She talked  to me in the kitchen for a few minutes, then tells me she’d be back up in a bit – wanted to get out of her work clothes. She returned wearing a very plain white nightshirt – something you’d get at the gap or target even – not Victoria secrets. But, it was just see through enough -her panties and nipples not being shown, but showing  – and the discussion was just provocative enough – that one of those monumental experiences sprung up.

I can’t tell the story here – the point is, the building blocks of this encounter were very simple: a roommate, a basic, white cotton night shirt, by chance us both being there, newly single with landlord gone, and perhaps the spark – a bit of unexpected behavior in my housemate curiously choosing to wear such a normal yet immodest outfit.

That evening saw no three ways, spontaneous animalistic sex,  circus equipment or even handcuffs, yet I can’t remember many times I’ve been more aroused and satisfied. It makes me realize that sexual satisfaction isn’t about being gotten off – it’s about being turned on – it’s about feeling numb with desire and arousal – and the situations that create these feelings are unexpected and complicated, rarely spectacular, and something in us yearns for them.

I’ve had a few wild and grande sexual encounters  (by my square standards) – and they got me off hard – but none have made me so drunk with arousal, that I didn’t know the words I was speaking, or feel on the verge of risking all pride and consequence, trembling with desire, my heart pounding and heads throbbing, only needing an orgasm to stop the orgasming, when I could bare no more. The context surrounding such moments = so remarkable buy rarely spectacular.

Holy Shit, You’re My Accountant

You’ve done my taxes for three years.
I hire you for your diligence
but your body is amazing,
Beautiful how you dress so professional.

I can’t stop thinking about where things went
I ran into you, both of us alone by the beach,
Hiding out mid afternoon with our drinks
More buzzed than we should be that early.

On your third Cosmo, for me Martinis
We found an excuse to walk to my place
Once we arrived – to see my paintings
Lust hijacked our day, reconnecting.

Anatomy never before so efficient
Not half a minute – way up inside,
You began and kept coming, saying
“Oh my god, you feel so amazing.”

Watching Her Come

She’ll surrender
Control and decorum
With orgasm inevitable
Locked upon her

Eyes will open
She’ll look inward
With vulnerable awe

Whole Body
Around her clit
She’ll clench
Hold on tight

See her coming
Her innermost self

Spasms released
In her eyes

The Lisa Coming

The Lisa Coming












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