Death by Narcissist

She’ll do what you least expect,
Betray you in ways you never imagined
Turn to stone when your hopes are highest.

She’ll find a way to turn it around,
You’ll take the blame, resent yourself
Love’s no match for her genius.

As soon as you stop hurting,
She’ll seduce you like crazy, only
Setting you up, to break you again.

Debilitating, painful confusion,
Her behavior too unreasonable
To talk about – to admit you allowed..

Becomes your mission, imprisoning,
To see her be fair, show some heart.
it’s hell for you,  to her it’s winning.




Pin The Tale On The Scapegoat

I believe this is the first post from another blogger – that I’ve ever re-posted on my blog. Nikole’s post was simply too brilliant and meaningful not to share.

“And so, in conclusion, if the end goal, the winning prize, is love, I am willing to carry that cross as far as I have to.”

Source: Pin The Tale On The Scapegoat