Why oh why, Eight Heartbreaking Questions About Love and Lust

  1. Why do the ones we wish to impress the most, appreciate us the least – and those we desire the most, always desire someone else?

  2. Why do bad suspicions usually turn out to be true – while high hopes so often do not?

  3. Why do they never change for the better – and the more you try to convince them to – the worse they become?

  4. Why are we most attracted to those most unavailable?

  5. Why are the ones who crave sex and like it the naughtiest – always gay or crazy?

  6. Why does the best sex come after the worst fights – and, do the biggest fights come after the worst sex? If so, shouldn’t that lead back around to the best sex again?

  7. Why do we have to run away before they’ll want us – but if it works and they run after us, we no longer want them?

  8. Why is the brother or sister always hotter than the brother or sister we end up with?


It may not make any difference to you, but I like to keep the door open for everyone to influence the discussion.

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So many things I could be doing this Friday night, productive or naughty, why have I not invested in a magic eight ball by now? Do they still exist? Horny. Lonely.

So, in the meantime – until I make a decision, I will continue my attempts to bond with you bloggers and readers out there. If you think of all the amazing and talented people that show up around these parts – the possibilities are limitless.

Any effort to communicate and reach out to you all, comes with an inherent possibility of meeting someone or learning something that might profoundly change the course of life, be the key, make all the difference in the world.

There’s a powerful undercurrent of subtext and metaversations happening – even a blog like mine – where for my part I play notes in the more racy and sexual octaves, there’s so much more being discussed: we all know it or we wouldn’t do it.

So, the teacher texted and is going out with the “girls.” Translated, that means she’s got a good excuse to be out late, away from her husband, and can come by and mess around with me.

Or, I could work on the math for a new algorithm I’ve been experimenting with.

I could work on finishing up the next Sinner Saint Diary Volume, or finish up the “Weekend in College,” or “Vegas Trip,” series I’ve been posting.

Or, I might put on a suit and get an Uber – take myself out to dinner.

One thing I won’t do is jack off while trying to decide: ten years ago I might have. Now I know better than to release at the top of the night, what’s left of the motivation and inspiration,  what my week hasn’t already consumed,

I do need to do something with the sexual energy – If I cannot apply it all to creating and fucking, I’ll donate what’s left before I go to bed