Suffering, Broken, Alone or Worse, Dear You…

No words can take suffering away from you or any of us. But when we suffer long – especially if we suffer alone – or worse, suffer because we’re alone , we might feel there is something “extra” wrong with ourselves: and this makes it worse.

You think…

“I’ve been suffering so long; most people – normal people – they don’t find themselves in situations like this. Not only is life dark and grim, because I am in this pain, but unlike most everybody else, there’s something fundamentally wrong with me – I must be inadequate – have flaws that normal people don’t have. Here is me – there is everyone else.

Here is where I have some good news – perhaps you can lean on this to help you get through your suffering.

The pain you feel – this suffering  – the loneliness

The harder you are suffering, the more you are connected to the world, the past, and everyone else alive. Right now, everyone else who has felt alone or hopeless, who is out of options or might be dying; everyone who is confused or scared, their arms are around you.

The ages are sympathizing; you are experiencing truer depths of your truth & the honesty of being. You are receiving gifts of humility; you are stockpiling heaps of gratitude that you can shower upon everyone – sing out as love upon the better places you’ll be going.

I’m suffering. I’m with you. The universe holds our destiny, but we share this time, this moment and the beautiful innocence in hurting. We are vulnerable together and not suffering alone.