Dildo or Man – and You a T-shirt, What’s Your Pleasure?

No, I’m not going to just give you dick and get you off – masturbation equipment. Why reduce our expectations all the way down to mere matters of friction? I can jack off into my t-shirt and not feel weird after – how absurd it would be to use an entire human being as a cum rage.

You don’t know it yet, but you’ll feel weird to. Maybe you won’t be able to explain, but some part of you will know that you just used a whole man and all his years of living – and all those who have become a part of him, as a dildo for masturbation. And it will get you off as good dildo would – as a good dildo should have. As my t-shirt is about to.

Does there have to be love? Does it have to be serious and complicated? Do we have to be romantic? Not necessarily,  but we’ve got to be more than t-shirts and dildos. The price is high to use a whole life just for getting off – what risk will you wager for the pleasure?

Nope, we don’t have to have love or romance; you can have me for a dark secret and a sin or two.

You will pay in full. No t-shirt has ever seen half the results you’ve come looking for.