Which shall I finish up first? Here are the sexy highlights.

I am about 3/4th done writing the following three books – to be subsequent volumes of The Sinner Saint Diary

I can’t decide which to focus on and finish up first, so I decided to ask for a vote.

Which book shall I finish up first?

Please read the following summaries, and then vote on which I should publish next. Thank you.

Gina – renting bottom floor from wealthy medical student.

True Story about the one year, one month, and two days I rented the first floor apartment, in the huge beach house, from a friend of a friend of my ex girlfriend’s.

Gina was a third year medical school student who’d taken ownership of her wealthy family’s beach house, and I was getting booted out of my girlfriend’s house and needed a cool place to go.

Things were winding down with my girlfriend, (ending), and she stumbled upon an option – a place to go. Interesting things happened while I was living in Gina’s house, my first floor apartment there was more like a luxury spa.

Highlights include:

  • My will power breaks down and I take Gina’s panties from a load of clothes she had drying, and masturbate into them. I find a big toy in Gina’s underwear drawer while trying to return the panties.
  • An unexpected, complicating resolve to several months of sexual tension.
  • Gina has a party, and ex Morgan and other friends from Dare I are there. At the end, Gina and I share some drunken confessions.


The roommates: Renting a room in a condo, Living with Judy and Jayme

This true story started when I moved back to LA for a job and needed a place to
live in a hurry. I found a place through Craig’s list. It was a 3 bedroom, two story, two bath condo that two girls were living in. One of the girls, Judy, owned the condo, her parents helped her buy it the year before, and she needed to rent out the third room in order to afford the payments.

The other tenant, Jayme, was the daughter of friends of Judy’s parents. (so, sort of a friend). She was spending a lot of nights with her boyfriend, and Judy was looking for another tenant, in case Jayme moved out to live with her boyfriend.

My time living with these two lasted just over eleven months, but remains unforgettably.  Things started getting interesting when the owner Jenny met a guy and started having him over, unbeknownst to her boyfriend. I could hear her on the other side of my wall.  Eventually, the three of us got entangled, and the story becomes complicated and super hot.


  • Hearing my straight laced landlord, Judy, having sex – and orgasms – with a guy she started having over and cheating with.
  • Seeing Jayme lick Judy’s ass – first time I ever saw a woman lick another like in such a way.


Dare 2: Living and being crazy with Morgan.

Morgan and I end up dating – I move in with her for a while. Our relationship was crazy and unique. We continued the dare game, defined our relationship by it even, and wild, hot, craziness ensues.

highlights include:

  • Morgan’s cleaning crew talking in Spanish after I did Morgan’s dare to streak naked in front of them. I knew Spanish and listened over intercom.
  • The massage experiments where Morgan and I conduct a study, and have a contest, around getting happy endings from massages.
  • Paula, from Dare I, staying with us after a big fight with her husband Rick.



Really Happening January 1st: Inaugural Publication of The Sinner Saint Diary: Volume 1 – Dare

With the first volume of The Sinner Saint Diary in it’s final review for publication, I want to formally introduce the series. I am Duncan Lory, the author of The Sinner Saint Diary, and I greatly appreciate you giving the Diary an opportunity to earn your readership. Dare is the very first installment in a series that will progress over a projected twenty unique publications. The volume is coming in at about 35k words over seven chapters.  I will be supplementing the series on the website, http://thesinnersaintdiary.com. The site will include interviews with actual characters, background facts, and a few other crazy ideas that I’ll keep a surprise for now.

Essentially, the aim of The Sinner Saint Diary series is to write stories that seem as real as possible: for me, the more real an erotic story seems, the more potential it has to be enjoyable and arousing. The easiest way to write a story that feels real is to write about real experiences. If I could write stories that were all one hundred percent true to history, that would be the ideal. To make my experiences translate into effective stories, I add, remove, and adjust the facts as needed. This first story, Dare, is at least seventy percent true. There are a few stories to be published soon, that are as much as ninety percent true.

This first story will introduce you to several people who show up at different times in stories throughout the series. Due to the very personal and explicit nature of this story, all names were changed and the four primary participants were notified and provided a copy of what I was going to publish. I was initially able to get consent from everyone except for one – a person that one of the main characters is based on. I didn’t feel the story could be told without the character in question, so publication was put on hold for several months, until Thanksgiving day when this wonderful person gave me their blessing to go ahead and publish.

My editor has been fine-tuning for a January first release, but after six months of editing she still can’t seem to make it cover to cover without having to masturbate.