HELL NO! YOU Do not want to skip this post: Sinner Saint vs Duncan

The Definitive Sinner Saint Interview With Duncan who is the Sinner Saint.

Interviewer: Sinner Saint

Interviewee: Duncan Lory aka The Sinner Saint

Sinner: So your real name isn’t Sinner Saint then?

Duncan: Well I can see already that I’m going to have a hard time slipping anything past you. That is true. As believable as Sinner as a first name sounds, perhaps almost as believable as “Saint” for a last name, my birth name isn’t Sinner Saint. I am known by the writing upon my birth certificate as Duncan Lory. Some have come up with variations for me. D-Lo, D-Lorious, Druncen Story.

Sinner: How tall are you:

Duncan: 6 feet 1/2 inches. why? you’re not getting gay with this interview already are you?

Sinner: Typical Cis insensitivity. Perhaps we need to take a moment and check our Cisgendered, heterosexual, white, male privilege?

Duncan: Perhaps we should invert our dicks and do this interview in black face?

Sinner: Oh good idea. I’m sure with a bit of misogyny and racism sprinkled in, your readers will be compelled to an even greater appreciation for what you have to say.

Duncan: Why is it impossible to have a fucking conversation with myself without this kind of bitterness? Is your sarcasm self loathing or is it the loathing of any kind of self loathing?

Sinner: Self doubt is necessary. If there’s not some loathing of yourself, as there are things to loath about everyone, then there would really be something seriously loathsome about you. The sarcasm reassures us that we are loathing ourselves to the extent any truly non-loathsome human being would.

Duncan: What your saying is probably total bullshit, but it sounds good enough to, for now, substitute in for any resentment I have towards you and doubts I’m having about myself.

Sinner: I notice your blog didn’t get a single page few today. I believe that’s the least amount of attention you’ve received since creating the blog. How do you feel about that?

Duncan: I feel it is discouraging but I am not discouraged. To be discouraged would be to place all the blame on the reader or to blame fate and deny its inherent neutrality. To be discouraged would be to surrender: declare that I have exhausted all my power, given all I could give and done all I could do. I need to do more, give more. bleed more and risk more. So I am speaking with you. With this interview, I am demanding a braver truth for my  readers and increasing the cost I can expect to pay for their interest and attention.

Sinner: Well, your bullshit sounds as good as mine, so,  let’s run with it. Who was it who said that truth is relative and just different levels of bullshit; and, that, life is just a matter of choosing a level and flavor of bullshit and sticking with it? Was it Vonnegut?