Interview with Sara and Alice Part 1

Sinner: Welcome ladies. Welcome back Sara, and thank you Alice for your bravery and openness to join us.

Sinner: We are going to stick with this new discussion-like format.

Sinner: This will basically work the same way as last night only with one more participant. This time we’ll be at the end of the dining room table with me at the end and you two one on either side of me. Basically, after you take your turn and type you line, you pass the laptop to whoever you asked a question to in the message line you just entered. If just answered a question or commented and did not ask anyone a question then just pass the laptop back to me. It sounds complicated but it’s not, you’ll see.

Sinner: Alice, just so you know that I’m not picking on you, I am going to focus on you for the start of the interview so we can get to know you, the basics at least. After we learn a bit about you then it will be more fee for all.

Sinner: Lastly, Alice, I always give people interviewees an opportunity to let me know any topics or areas that you wish for me to stay away from. You can choose as many as you like. I just ask that once we start the interview, you do your best to answer all questions no matter how hard they may get. That’s all the instructions. let’s load up on drinks, use a restroom is you need to, and we are go.

(I am at the head of my dining room table. I have Alice on my left and Sara on my right. Wine glasses are full and there is excitement in the air. The girls are silent at the moment, it’s kind of tripping me out. Are they scared of harmless little me?)

Sinner: Hello there Alice. Is Alice your real name?

Alice: Hi there, may i call you Sinner? Thank you for having me into your lovely home. Alice is my real name.

Sinner: It is really cool that you both use your real names. I love the name Alice. I think that you are the first Alice I’ve ever met. You look a little dressed up, is that what you wore to work? Also, Sara looks dressed up too. Both of you are in skirts, or would they be called dresses if they go that far down, or?

Alice:  We stopped home for maybe 15 minutes and then left to come here so yes, this is the same outfit I wore to work accept for the tights I took off before coming here.. I would call this a skirt I am wearing. It’s just a more formal, office type of skirt.

Sinner: Well Sara wasn’t full of shit, you are really hot looking. What’s that all about? I am beyond honored that not one but two extremely hot ladies are giving me and the Sinner Saint Diary the time of day. I am profoundly appreciative.

(Just to let the readers know, Alice has beautiful dark brown hair that is very non-messy. I can’t see a single hair out of place.)

Sinner: Do you have panties under your skirt or shorts, or describe what’s going on in there?

Alice: Yes,  I have panties on. Sara says me too.

Sinner: Can you both verbally tell me what color your panties are and I’ll just tell the readers here? Okay, Alice has on “white panties nothing special,” and Sara has on, “Black panties but not the ones she wore here last night.”

Sinner: Alice, I want to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have about me or the blog or anything. I know you hardly knew anything about me or the Sinner Saint Diary before today. You can ask me anything at anytime, but if there’s anything you wish to know prior to divulging your deepest darkest secrets to me, here’s your chance. Go ahead and ask me me as many questions as you wish.

Alice: So I get to ask you questions – marvelous!. I love your house, Is this all your artwork?

Sinner: A lot of the art is mine but  I’d say more than half is by other artists.

Alice: You aren’t the original owner right, or did you build it ? (I work in residential real estate BTW, hence my curiosity.)

Sinner: Yes, I designed it – with an architect. Had it built a few years ago. I’d be happy to give you a tour when we take a break if you’re interested.

Alice: Yes, I would love love to see the rest of the house. Are there three floors?

Sinner:  Four levels including the basement.

Alice:  Have you invited a lot of girls here for “interviews?”

Sinner: No, you are the second. Sara was the first. I began the Sinner Saint Diary project just a few months ago.

Alice: So now am I going to be one the stories?

Sinner: You could be part of a story if anything  fascinating and sexy enough to write about happens while you’re around. No doubt Sara has become a story.

Alice: I’m sure there will be things I want to ask later but that’s all for now. Back to you.

Sinner: Okay, thank you. We are now ready to send probing questions into your mind to search for your  hidden truths, darkest secrets and forbidden thoughts.

Sinner: Please keep in mind that The Sinner Saint Diary features erotic content, so i will try to keep the interview erotic and related to sexuality, not because I have a one track mind or want people to assume you do, but to keep relevant to the blog and topics the readers expect. Also, I try keep the discussion edgy and daring, my attitude a bit irreverent and interviews arousing;  so If some of my questions initially offend or disturb  the hell out of you , please see them them as invitations to open up and attempts to provoke a great interview, and not as offense or disrespect. Like I suggested to Sara before her first interview,  embrace this interview as an opportunity to express yourself anonymously,  to say whatever you want  –  be as open, naughty, crazy or  daring as you feel like being without fear of judgment.

Alice: Got it.

Sinner: How’s your sex life, awesome?

Alice: Very solitary since I broke up with my boyfriend last month ago. Actually, kind of solitary then too.

Sinner: Have you been dating since your break up or too soon to get back there?

Alice: I haven’t been out with anyone yet but I’m over my ex and ready to move on. Sara’s been telling me to sign up on Plenty of Fish. She’s been meeting guys on there, although, every guy she goes out ends up being a “total douche” or just looking to get laid.

Sinner: Are you going to do that?

Alice: I might.

Sinner: So, you may or may not be aware of Sara’s current grooming habits,  but a few weeks ago she got rid of her bush and has been going completely bald. Have you made any major changes in your grooming lately? Do you shave or groom at all, or how do you look down there? How did you have it before if you used to groom differently.

Alice: Well, until now, I was not aware of Sara’s grooming habits. Sara, you bad girl you. I am tempted to lie because the truth isn’t very sexy but I promised you I’d be truthful with my answers, so I wont. I am pretty natural down there currently. I do groom around the edges a little bit. In college I started having a landing strip and a few years after college just let it go natural.

Sinner: So you have a dark brown, full bush right now. That’s hot.

Alice: Let’s go with, a dark brown “natural” bush. “Full” bush makes it sound like i’m a jungle woman down there. I’m not a super hairy person.

Sinner: Okay, let the record show that Alice has a dark brown, natural bush. Hot.

Sinner: Okay, for the sake of this interview and to try to make it not suck, I need to take a moment to understand my feelings,and at the risk of tripping anyone out, just address them directly with you two. I am feeling a little reluctant and  cautious at the moment. Perhaps it is because you are so hot and professionally dressed?  Sara, you’re equally hot and nicely dressed BTW, but you and I have already broken the ice. Okay, that’s not the main reason. Here’s the thing: I don’t know how much Sara told you about our last interview. I believe she told you a bit about it anyway and If she told you every last detail, more power to her – I have no problem with that. I think I am just a little paranoid and distracted, wondering what she has told you, and what you are thinking about it. I don’t know what you’ve heard and haven’t gotten your reaction on anything, so It is making me reluctant to let the interview flow because I don’t want to freak you out if you are already freaked out in some way by what you’ve heard? There it is, just putting it all out there. Perhaps you can tell me what you’ve heard and just give me your thoughts and feelings about it so there’s is no naughty elephant taking a shit on thin interview? um, so to speak.?

Alice: I think we need some more wine for this discussion.

(I fill Alice’s her third large glass of wine and refresh Sara’s glass)

Alice: I  will tell you but I am not sure it is what you want to hear or what will put you at ease. Sara can correct me if I am wrong, but  I think Sara told me pretty much everything that happened. Let’s just say if Sara didn’t tell me everything, I couldn’t imagine what she could have left out. Sara told me about it and she also showed me the interview online and I red that.

Alice: If it helps at all, I heard all of this before I came here. I didn’t exactly come here expecting a priest or a Mormon missionary. (maybe a Saint but..) I was mainly shocked because it was so unlike Sara.   Now that I have met (and seen) you, it makes more sense. (that was a compliment BTW)

Sinner: Okay, well glad that is all out in the open. I feel more better. How about a kiss, may I have one?

Alice: I suppose you can have a kiss Sinner, come over here.

(I stand up and lean over table towards Alice and kiss her. We kissed for a second, our lips parted and then I went back for more. This time we kissed for about five seconds. Then I turn to Sara and tell her I didn’t mean to leave her out and ask her for a kiss. Sara and I kiss for around 10 seconds

End of part one


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