Nakedness, You, Secrets & my Neighbor

So you are reading this – what are you wanting to find? Anything to push boredom aside? Or, a reason to procrastinate something? Are you horny, and what will cure that affliction? For now there’s just this stream of consciousness. What, expecting to hear my secrets? Psha, pluheeze, what do have to tell me?

About that guy you flirted with and brushed your breasts against on that girls weekender you and your girlfriends took? About your ex boyfriend from way back – the one who was the best in bed – who you still fantasize about on occasion – who’s going to be in your town for a conference next month?

As for my secrets, what do you think they could be? I’m really just shy, introverted unless you get me horny. When I finish the stories you’ll know most of my secrets. Or, perhaps you mean the secrets I don’t write about? You’re wanting to dive deep – asking a lot of this posting. What will it do for you if I tell you? How deep will you share with me?

Why am I rambling and what are we avoiding? We should confess to each other, or maybe make secrets together? You tell me and I’ll tell you? You do it to me and I’ll do it to you? Tell me what you won’t tell your man? Did you have a three way before him? Is he too polite too often?

Does this sound like someone who’s uninspired? Wandering words in place of a topic? Not true, we’ve got secrets to do. Perhaps you’re my neighbor, up late again, in her home office. I can see her at her desk through the shudders. Her office is above her garage, overlooking my backyard, with a view through the sliding glass doors to where I’m sitting right now at my dining table.

Did she see the other week when I was with someone on my couch? Does she look when I walk around? Does she see me taking my clothes off now? Does she assume I’m at my laptop watching porn, because my dick is getting hard? Could she be you who’s reading this – know exactly what I was doing? Don’t worry, she’s seen enough before – if this was offensive she’d not leave her shudders open. There not closed much anymore – I wonder to death what she’s thinking. Hold on while I get up and walk past the glass over to my kitchen – help her wonder what the hell I am thinking.

I knew this game really started, about a month ago when I saw her working in her bra. That night her shades were up – not just open. She has a bathroom in her office – I can tell when she’s in it because its little window lights up. Sometimes the light is on for a while. Anyway, after three months of doing this dance, there she was – up late about this time, wear a bra. After over an hour like that, she got up. I saw all the lights go off and she came out her door wearing a shirt again, then walked down the stairs to go back inside – to bed with her husband I guess.

She works hard – what ever she does it must be lucrative – she drives a Porsche SUV. Her office is very intrusive – if it was anyone else I’d probably not like it. So, here I am naked and unobstructed – come here neighbor and we can do this.

So there you have it – what’s going on with me – are you less bored now or think I’m creepy? Now It’s your turn to comment or message me – with secret things you’re up to – I’ve got boredom and hornyness of my own to subdue.


Why are Women so Quick to the Penis – Have the Rules Changed?

Why all the penis contact – Are women following new rules?

I’m not really complaining – let’s call this an inquiry.

Once upon a time, girls would hold back on making contact with  a guy’s penis. So much so, it remained an open question whether or not they even wanted any such contact – or just shy about it – not wanting to come across to eager, slutty.

I’m mainly talking about behavior while making out – especially the first couple of times with someone.

The rules used to be, the girl wouldn’t touch a guy’s crotch area, until he touched her crotch first – or, at least until the he started feeling out her chest. Even then, a girl grabbing and feeling out a guy’s junk was more often second, or third date territory.

As is the case with the last four girls I’ve “interacted with,” old rules didn’t apply – dismissed  without a nod or even a wave goodbye. All four dates went went for my crotch and proceeded to locate, touch, and fondle my dick before I had felt a boob or an ass cheek. Two of the four, after I’d let my hands get busy, initiated the next step – first to dive under clothing. There hands were on me – skin to skin – before I ventured up their shirt or inside their pants. (okay one had a skirt and I’d found her ass via the most logical route.) But still..

What changed that makes feeling out and rubbing a guy’s penis a standard component of the first make-out session? And, God bless them, why are women  now unashamed about making the first move in that regard?

Perhaps it’s an age thing? – I haven’t made out with anyone under thirty in years, but it seems to be different even in the past few years. Has there been a change in cultural trends? Has Cosmo been running articles recommending a more aggressive, “dick first” attitude? Or, maybe Oprah had a guest on her show, who wrote a book about the advantages to early dicktection? Perhaps women are busier, have less free time and don’t want to ‘mess around” when they mess around? Could it be a practical matter – get some inspection in before wasting time on a second date?

What thoughts do you have? Men, have any of you noticed this too? How about you ladies, are you quicker to feel a guy’s crotch than you used to be? Any thoughts as to what has emboldened women, why the rules have changed and why women seem to be more comfortable initiating contact with penis?

Whatever-the-case, if women are more comfortable with penis contact, it’s probably a good thing despite the reason.


Seven Ways That Sex is Like Painting

  1. Requires some strokes for anything to happen

  2. You’ll get best results if you prime the canvas

  3. All size brushes can be effective

  4. You can do it sitting or standing

  5. If you don’t wash right after – your equipment gets crusty

  6. It’s nice to do with some music on

  7. Drinking can make it more fun – but harder to finish