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Just Curious About You – An Intro Survey


Q. Why does sex make woman crazy?

I’ve heard this put a different way, why are crazy women so great to have sex with? To answer your question: there may disagreement about the premise of the question, but I’ll assume that sex makes women crazy so I can answer the question. I think sex makes everyone crazy – if anyone.

When a woman is single and young, it probably makes her crazy that every guy is trying to get down her pants – and that’s about all they’re wanting to do with her.

Over the years sex makes some women crazy – because they they’ve been reluctant to be assertive about getting their sexual needs met, and a pattern can emerge where the first priority is take care of their man, with their satisfaction an optional or secondary priority. Over time – this could make a woman crazy even if she’s not totally aware of how much her sex life is attributing to her madness.

Some these these women eventually get divorced or have an affair,  with someone else who is more attentive and with whom the sex is new and exciting, and go crazy knowing how rewarding sex can be – when it’s new, good again – when they’ve become more  confident and comfortable in their skin. People that are married can slack, or lack, and still be in the game. Some get married and never realize exactly how little game they or their partner have going. For those who haven’t had good sex in years, it can have an impact – and, of course, some go crazy wanting more or it.

Q. Why did you change your ‘About’ section? I liked aspects of the previous one that are missing in the current one.

What parts was that? If there are any questions you’d like to see on the About the Author page, whether they’ve been included previously or are new,  I welcome you to suggest them at any time. I’ll answer and include them. If you wish, you can leave questions in comments on this page, or the about page – or, anywhere really.

I was great hearing from your all – I’ll continue to answer questions as they are submitted using the form on this page.

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