If they only knew … when they do what they do.

The abuse is not about you – it’s what they feel about themselves.

Using you prevents them from enjoying something genuine

Whatever they take becomes something else that can never be given

Whenever they sell you short or put you down – they are admitting what little they think they’re worthy of.

The less they feel they can please you – the more displeased they’ll be with you

Every lie they tell  – leaves less of themselves they feel should be known

If they’re faking it – playing you – it’s themselves they’re not taking seriously

if they only knew that it’s more about them – when they do what they do to you.




In the privacy of your mind

Would you have me in your thoughts?

What would you do with me there – where nobody would ever know

Not even me unless you wanted me to. What thoughts would you use.

Would you summon my grace and tender side – my sensitive touches

Or take the wildness, the reckless – me in my naughtier moods?

Would you think of my eyes – something innocently handsome

or something muscular, big and hard – things more masculine?

Would we do something I couldn’t imagine you lusting for?

My mind would imagine the desires in you to be shocking.

The wishes of your fantasies are my command – think and it is granted.

Look and I”ll show it – desire and we’ll do it.

I wish I knew what you’d have us do in your mind.


Death by Narcissist

She’ll do what you least expect,
Betray you in ways you never imagined
Turn to stone when your hopes are highest.

She’ll find a way to turn it around,
You’ll take the blame, resent yourself
Love’s no match for her genius.

As soon as you stop hurting,
She’ll seduce you like crazy, only
Setting you up, to break you again.

Debilitating, painful confusion,
Her behavior too unreasonable
To talk about – to admit you allowed..

Becomes your mission, imprisoning,
To see her be fair, show some heart.
it’s hell for you,  to her it’s winning.



We Agree – Just Come Do Me

Doesn’t have to be complicated,
Does it? Maybe we should just do it?
Don’t you ever want it angry, hard?
Banging and coming, rampaging.

Come here then, knock on my door
Put your hand around it, beg for it.
Show me your breasts, to say yes,
I’ll do you like you wanted, promise.

That’s right drool

That’s right That’s right
I think you’re drooling
Remembering how you lied?
Said I made a move on you?

I’ve come twice and oozing
Out your sides, over your ass.
You said I’m a stupid man
With family money, probably tiny.

Now you can’t even look pretty,
Dangling taken, rag doll bacon.
Come too much, why frozen limp?
Cock’s makin’ honest bitches.

A Woman I met Watching Super Bowl, Took Up my offer to Watch it blow.

An offer in jest – never thought you’d accept

I’m all out now –  before your eyes, arching

Full reservoir, volatile pressure- shock

Zoomed –  engorged – trunk to shroom,

Your smile escapes, secret amusement betrayed,

The geyser roars, white and thick, precarious beams

Overflowing gush and ooze – your eyes on it all

You smile big – I  empty the last – we feel alive.


When Losing Love

When they haven’t called after a day or a week

When you’re still waiting as a month is approaching

When it’s different this time and you know it’s for good

When you keep loving more and they love you less

When you don’t reach out because they won’t respond

When they need no goodbyes and you can’t say goodbye

When they were your future and want you in their past

When you can’t sleep and you’d rather not wake up

When you don’t know how you’ll be happy without them

When you can no longer get them mad

When who you are stopped being enough

When you feel so alone that you want to throw up

When you can’t imagine forever without them

When you wonder if their love was just imagined

When nobody else will do

When the love of your life no longer wants you