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Dare – Volume 1 of the Sinner Saint Diary Series

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Chapter  1

Sights & Shakes

My good friend Sean and his fiancée Lisa took me to the party. Lisa’s friend Morgan was hosting a close group of colleagues – pharmaceutical reps that Morgan and Lisa had been friends with for years. The bartender that Morgan hired was scheduled until one a.m. and Sean, Lisa and I were still partying strong with several other guests after he left.

Morgan’s best friend from college, Paula, had been vacationing in Mexico. Paula and her husband Rick were staying a few nights with Morgan on their way home to Boston. Another drug rep, May, was there with her date, Bob.

All of us who remained at the party had moved outside to Morgan’s backyard. We were sitting on stone benches around a lava pit in the middle of the back patio. A few of us were sitting on spare patio chairs we had positioned between the benches.

The bar furniture Morgan had rented was positioned against the back of her house and faced towards us at the lava pit. The bar was about chest high and six feet wide. There was about five feet of space behind the bar. Just to the right of the bar was a sliding glass door that provided access indoors to Morgan’s living room and entertainment areas. We enjoyed complete privacy thanks to the ten-foot walls of vines surrounding the backyard.

Morgan had been single for a few months after breaking up with her boyfriend of many years. Lisa and Sean had mentioned setting us up.

“Now that the responsible and prudent are gone, the real party can begin!” Sean said.

Totally. Let’s play truth or dare,” Morgan said.

Sean’s fiancée Lisa turned to her good friend Morgan, “You go first.”

“Okay,” Morgan said, “Lisa, truth or dare?”

“Um… dare,” Lisa answered.

“I dare you and Sean to go behind the bar and trade underwear.”

Lisa and Sean went behind the bar and rustled around for a few minutes. They returned fully clothed, but presumably, wearing the other’s underwear. Nobody was satisfied until Sean pulled up the panties so we could get a glimpse as proof. White g-strings.

“You seem pretty comfortable in those, Sean,” Morgan said. “Makes me think this isn’t the first time you’ve worn Lisa’s underwear.”

“Believe me, Morgan,” Sean said, “it is the first and the last time.”

“Duncan, truth or dare?” Lisa asked.

“Truth,” I said.

“What’s the most shameful or morally reprehensible thing you’ve done in the past year?”

“What? Who says I’ve done anything bad?”

“Your history and the laws of probability.”

“Okay, there was one incident that may have had some morally questionable aspects…”

“Like I said,” Lisa laughed, “it was a mathematical certainty. So let’s hear it.”

“It was something that happened while I was at Hennessy’s on the Pier – about six months ago I guess – not long after Christmas. It was really packed and crazy – they were doing a karaoke contest. A large bachelorette party showed up… and there was a little incident with the bride.”

“Oh God, what did you do to the bride?”

“I didn’t instigate anything. They were a bunch of drunk, spoiled Newport Beach girls who were taking their bachelorette party very seriously and being brutal to the poor bride. I had to sing so I was staying sober. Not entirely sober, but not as trashed as the bride and her entourage.”

“Was the bride hot?” Sean asked.

“She was really hot. She had the perfect blonde-beach-girl-from-Newport look.”

“I’m glad we got that settled, now tell us the shameful thing you did to her!”

“I didn’t do anything. They were going around the bar making her kiss guys for dollars, and they came up to me and asked if I would help out and contribute a dollar to kiss the bride. I expected it to be a quick kiss, but this girl obviously had a strong work ethic, and made sure I got my money’s worth.”

“Like how?” Lisa asked.

“She moved me back against the wall and kissed me with heavy tongue for several minutes. For a gorgeous, wealthy Newport bride, she was being a very bad girl.”

“Well that’s not too shameful – not as bad as I was expecting. Is that all that happened?” Lisa asked.

I hesitated, and Lisa caught on before I had a chance to lie.

“Okay, you’re leaving something out – spill it. What did you do?”

“Again, not my fault, but they had this checklist of stuff the bride had to do and things she had to scavenge for during the night, and she was trying to get me to donate my underwear. I was wearing brand new Ralph Lauren boxers and didn’t want to give them to her, but she flirted me into agreeing. That was a fateful mistake.”

“Stop stalling. Why a mistake – what happened?” Lisa asked.

“I had to go with the bride to their party bus that was parked in the lot behind the bar, and pin my shorts to this big ‘scavenge’ board they had on the bus. The bride said she’d go to the front of the bus and look away while I took them off – but then she mentioned that also on her list was to get a guy to show her his penis, so if she could just stay and watch, she’d be able to check that off too and be grateful to me forever.”

“Let me guess,” Lisa said, “she got both her items checked?”

“Well I asked her if ‘giving a blowjob’ was on the list too, because if so, we could probably get all three checked off.”

“Don’t tell me it was?” Lisa asked.

“No. But the bride told me to take my pants off and help her complete the two tasks and she might add the blowjob to the list.”

“She didn’t?!” Lisa said.

“She swallowed,” I replied.

Sean was cracking up and Lisa was silent for a moment – I’d never seen someone look so appalled and impressed at the same time.

“So you went to Hennessy’s to sing karaoke and ended up on a bus, getting a blowjob to completion from a Newport Beach girl who’s about to get married?” Lisa asked.

“Um… unless it’s not too late to deny it all, yes, that about sums it up,” I said.

“That’s so wrong.”

“I know. Honestly, I was being a smart ass and never expected her to do it. And when she did, I think I was in too much shock to stop her… well that and the fact that a bachelorette was being so naughty was…”

“Hot!” Sean said, finishing my thought. “Nobody has that kind of willpower – to turn down a bachelorette wanting to blow them.”

“And she was wearing a wedding dress,” I said, trying to add to my defense.

“Oh, well then case closed, there’s no getting out of that situation,” Sean said. “Lisa, don’t get any ideas – I’d kill you if you did something like that.”

Sean and Lisa’s wedding was two weeks away and she would be having her own bachelorette party soon.

I suddenly became conscious of everyone else in the group listening to the story. By the looks on their faces, I think some people didn’t know for sure if I was being serious or not. I knew Lisa and Sean well – had been good friends with Sean since junior high – and the three of us were comfortable talking to each other about most anything. The others hardly knew me – half had just met me that night. I was embarrassed now. I had to tell the rest of the story and try to rescue the first impression I’d just given.

“I felt really guilty after it happened,” I explained, “and actually apologized to the bride-to-be. To my surprise she asked what I was sorry for. She said that in two days she would be marrying a man who she’d be faithful to until the day she died. She then told me I should have aimed higher because she’d have probably fucked me had that been my suggestion. Those were her last words to me – we re-entered the bar and went our separate ways.”

“And now it is my turn… Morgan, truth or dare?” I said.

“Okay, truth.”

“Describe your underwear – bra and panties – and tell us what made you choose to wear them tonight.”

After the bride story I had just told, I didn’t want to ask Morgan anything inappropriate or come across as hyper-sexual. Well, I wanted to, but I decided against it… I was still rethinking things – should I have only told everyone about the kiss and kept the blowjob to myself? And, did I really need to mention the swallowing detail?

“Let me check,” Morgan said. She stood up and pulled open the side of her waistband, to peer through and confirm. “Oh yeah, I have my light pink cotton panties on. Ordered them from Victoria’s Secret. My bra is white – from the same place. I wore a white bra because my blouse was white. No reason for the panties, really, other than they were clean, of course.”

Before continuing with her turn, Morgan took a moment to mock the easy truth question I’d given her. She rocked her foot and shoved a grin at me. Then she turned to May.

“Truth or dare?”

May was sharing a bench with her boyfriend Bob, just to the right of where I was sitting. She was a very attractive Filipino, small and perky, and had a gorgeously optimistic smile. She was born in the Philippines – her family had moved to America when she was a young girl. For her undergrad and MBA program, may had studied at Pepperdine University – a Christian university overlooking Malibu beach – one of the most beautiful campuses I’d ever seen. It doesn’t get more American than Pepperdine and Malibu.

May chose truth.

“Did you have sex with ‘Big Bob’ on your first date?”

May acted like Morgan’s question was absurd. “No, gosh,” she laughed. “We haven’t had sex on any date!”

Morgan laid on the disbelief. “What, you haven’t slept together yet?”

“Is that weird?” May asked. “I like to take it slow.”

She didn’t take it very slow the night she had sex with Slick Rob.

“Slick Rob” was a San Diego rep who was known to be a bit of a player. The drug company had sponsored a box at a Lakers’ game where a number of physicians and their reps enjoyed catered food and free cocktails. May had never met Rob before that event; nevertheless, she ended up in his hotel room.

Lisa had been giving me the scoop on our way to the party. May and Lisa had been area partners for several years.This meant they kept in contact daily, often went together to visit doctors, and co-hosted a variety of events for the physicians within their area. Lisa told me that May’s parents were immigrants from the Philippines and had been strict, with unreasonably high expectations. May had become their only child after her sister died of brain cancer when May was nine years old.

“She’ll come across a little prim and proper,” Lisa said. “She wants so badly to be perfect and innocent, and she’ll have you thinking she is. I tease her and tell her she’s a nympho in denial. When May gets a few drinks in her she really likes the boys. Rob was just the latest – he was not the first guy I have seen her go home with. Wait until you meet her. You would never picture her going home with a guy she just met. She probably never would, sober. She’s so perfect otherwise, I think she rebels, sexually, when she drinks.”

“So, she sleeps around a lot?” I asked.

“No, I wouldn’t go that far,” Lisa said. “She’s normally very reserved. I think she has a lot of pent-up feelings from having to be such a good little daughter, and when she gets drunk, she releases. All this is strictly confidential,” Lisa added. “Supposedly she is bringing her new boyfriend tonight.”

May’s new boyfriend Bob wasn’t a pretty boy like Paula’s husband Rick, but was striking in his own way. Bob, or “Big Bob” as Morgan had already renamed him that night, was a huge guy. He was well over six feet tall and stocky – not bulging out like a muscle head, more thick like a bouncer. He looked giant next to little May, and I pondered how challenging the logistics might be if they did have sex. While his stature was imposing, Bob’s personality was gentle and friendly. He was basically a big jolly Irishman. Bob was almost forty but looked to have done about 60 years’ worth of drinking.

May turned back to Morgan. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Morgan said.

“When was the last time you slept with a guy on the first date?” May asked.

Morgan laughed and leaned her head down between her legs, then raised her head back up. “Um, four days ago…”

“Oh my God, on Tuesday? With who?”

“With this guy Mike. I met him on Match. I mean we’ve been talking for a while but met for the first time on Tuesday,” Morgan said.

“So he’s like your boyfriend now?”

“Oh no, I mean he’s nice, I might go out with him again but it’s not going to get serious.”

“Why not?”

“I’m having too much fun to get tied down exclusively right now. Or, unless someone rocks my world.”

“So he didn’t rock your world?” Paula ventured.

Morgan laughed. “Um, that would be a no. He was very willing and capable with his tongue, but otherwise, I literally could have slept during it.”

“Now Tom…” Morgan continued with some unsolicited details. “Tom is this other guy I’ve been out with who got the job done… both times.”

“What do you mean, got what done?” May asked.

“He got her laundry done, obviously,” I said.

“Yeah, the laundry,” Morgan joked towards me. “From what I hear, you’ve been known to do some laundry…”

“Heard from who?” I asked.

“From everybody,” Morgan laughed. “If you do as much laundry as they say, you must be a laundromat.”

“No, that would mean people were dropping their loads into my equipment. Not my thing.”

Morgan sneered at me, laughed, and then took it to Paula’s husband Rick, who chose truth.

“What do you wish to try with Paula that you haven’t yet, sexually?”

The question got Paula’s attention. She sat up unnaturally straight, her legs crossed and her hands clasped in her lap. She studied her husband as he replied to Morgan.

“Well, of course, like every guy, I’d like the three way thing, I mean with another female,” Rick said. “But Paula’s not a fan of the idea, so that’s one wish that’s not likely to come true.”

Paula looked away and rolled her eyes. Rick didn’t bother to confirm that he’d spoken for Paula correctly.

“So, now it’s my turn then?” Rick asked Morgan.

“Yup, you’re on.”

Rick finally looked over at his wife. “Same question to you, what do you wish to try that we haven’t?”

“I think maybe it would be interesting to have sex in public, or, somewhere people were watching us. Like at one of those adult resorts. What is that one called, ‘Hedonism’ or something?”

“Oh really?” Rick sneered.

“Maybe. I mean, as long as it was just strangers that we would never see again, I’d consider it – it would be scary but exciting maybe?”

“Yea, I don’t know about that. Seems pretty trashy to me.”

“And a three way with one of my girlfriends isn’t?” Paula retorted.

“Not really,” Rick said. “It would be in private and not in public. You want to have sex in public? Really? That’s a little too skanky for my blood.”

Paula wasn’t smiling. Whatever Paula’s response to Rick was, it was done privately in a extenuated moment of serious eye contact.

Abruptly, Paula abandoned the tone of the moment and turned her attention to Sean. In an instant she became bright and cheery. “Okay Sean, truth or dare?”

Sean chose truth. Paula asked him where was the craziest location he and Lisa had done it. He answered that it was nothing too crazy, but the craziest place was probably the Jacuzzi at the apartment complex where Lisa’s sister lived.

Sean selected May as his victim. May chose truth again.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity?” Sean asked.

“I was twenty-two, almost twenty-three. It was a week before my twenty-third birthday actually.”

“Seriously?” Morgan asked. “Twenty-three?”

“Yup. End of my junior year of college. I know, I was a good girl and saving it for marriage,” May said. “So much for that plan. But, yea…”

Sean asked, “So what did you do with boyfriends before that, just give them blowjobs and stuff, or what?”

“No, Godddd, I was shy and prude, I didn’t do blowjobs! I didn’t even seen a penis until college.” May said. “Okay, I saw one penis before college, but that’s all.”

“That’s how many I saw too,” Morgan said. “Just one…”

Lisa interrupted Morgan, “Per week you mean?”

“Funny!” Morgan said. “Per month. Tops.”

“Oh my, that’s a lot of penises,” May said. “Speaking of penises, Morgan, truth or dare?”

Morgan chose truth. May asked her what was the most scandalous thing that ever happened while hanging out with Paula back in the day.

“I mean,” May clarified, “what is the most scandalous story you can tell us?”

“What do you think, Paula?” Morgan asked, looking for some help.

“Bahama cruise banana incident for sure,” Paula said.

“Ohhh, yea, that!” Morgan remembered. A look of concern came over her face. She asked Paula, “Is it okay if I say anything about that, or no?”

Paula took a deep breath and spoke hesitantly. “Yea, sure, what the hell. It was a long time ago when we were both single.”

“Okay, so…” Morgan said, starting off slowly. “Paula and I took this Bahamas cruise the summer after we graduated from college. We had both become single again and were finally done with school, so we let loose and partied a bit hard that trip. A little too hard perhaps.”

Paula’s husband Rick was paying close attention to Morgan’s story. Surely he’d heard the story before? Or, given the hint of alert irritation on his face, perhaps he hadn’t.

“On the second day of the cruise, while the ship was at sea,” Morgan said, “we hung out at the pool and started drinking early. Before noon. We were already smashed by mid-afternoon when this guy sat down in the pool chair next to us. We drank by the pool for a couple more hours, Paula and me, and this guy.”

“Banana Ron!” Paula blurted out, prompting both her and Morgan to burst out laughing.

“Yes, ‘Banana Ron’ we called him!” Morgan said. “Ron was wearing a European style, skimpy swimsuit and he had a very conspicuous bulge. It wasn’t just big but a very odd shape, and it looked like it went went all the way to his side.”

“It was obnoxious,” Paula said. “This dude’s little Speedo was… insufficient.”

Morgan seconded Paula with a few large nods then continued the story. “When this guy got up and went to the bar, Paula asked me if I saw the banana. We referred to him as ‘Banana Ron’ after that, privately, not in front of him of course.”

“So, Banana Ron had been telling us about the “Royal Suite” that he was staying in, and asked if we wanted to come see it and have a drink.”

Paula interrupted Morgan several times to clarify the story for her husband Rick. “We really wanted to see what his cabin was like.”

“So, we ended up in his suite which had a full bar,” Morgan said. “He showed us the king-sized bed in his bedroom and told us to come lay down and try it out. Who knows why we got on the bed… we were really shit faced by that time I guess?”

“You got on the bed. I wanted to get out of there,” Paula quickly clarified.

The story seemed to be making Paula a little jumpy. It had become clear that Rick had never heard this story and he didn’t seem to be as amused by it as the rest of us.

“I was on the side of the bed playing with these buttons that opened and closed the drapes on the windows,” Morgan said. “A few seconds later, I turned around and I saw Paula and Banana Ron lying on the bed, full on making out.”

“Are you sure? Didn’t you kiss him first?” Paula asked. Paula’s objection was so tepid, it only confirmed the validity of Morgan’s version of the story.

“No sweetie, nice try. But, then Ron turned around and kissed me for a bit and then went back to her. I think Banana Ron was thinking a full on three way was about to go down. I watched him take Paula’s bikini top off. While he was busy with her, I noticed his banana right there next to me. I was curious and drunk, and had this impulse to see what was going on with the banana bulge, so I pulled his suit down. Paula noticed, and we both looked down at Ron’s long, uncircumcised worm.”

While Morgan was telling us the story, she and Paula were having their own conversation with their laughter. I got the sense that they were remembering more of the story than was being told. Rick had heard enough to be pearing for Paula’s attention – looking for a chance to scold her with his eyes perhaps.

“I couldn’t believe you did that!” Paula said. “I looked down and there’s you on your knees with his suit in your hand, and hello, Ron’s big long dong laying there. Then you poked it with your finger.” The finger poke part threw them into another laughing fit.

“I know,’ Morgan said. “I don’t know why, I just felt like I had to poke it… see if it was real I guess? Anyway, we both realized the situation was getting a little crazy, so Paula sat up and started getting her top back on. We said we had an early dinner reservation and left poor Banana Ron there on the bed.”

“And…. so… truth or dare?” Morgan said to Paula, abruptly protecting the rest of the story.

“Since you and Rick are married,” warned Morgan, “you should only choose truth if you don’t wish to be dared to do anything with one of us non-married people.”

Paula cut Morgan off. “No we’re fine, I’ll choose dare. But I’ll need some more wine.”

Paula’s husband Rick appeared to be a little less sure. He watched Paula get up and walk over to the bar. Paula was making it clear that she and Rick would be enjoying full participation. I suspect he wanted to say ‘no dares,’ but it was too late for him to object without looking like a jealous spoiled sport.

Paula was a few years younger than Rick. She was in her mid-thirties but looked around twenty nine-or thirty. Paula had a rich, dark suntan from Cancun, where she and Rick had just been vacationing for a couple of weeks. I got the feeling Paula was proud of her shape and her tan. She should have been.

Rick was a handsome, successful, impressive man in his early-forties. He had more of a practical smartness – capable, but not terribly reflective. This worked to his advantage – his head didn’t get in the way. Rick chose the right school, joined the best fraternity, got a job with the best law firm, and spent most of his adult life winning. He was good at everything. Rick did not grow up in an upper class family like Paula, but had grown into Paula’s class, and did a good job hiding his humble roots behind personal perfection.

Both Rick and Paula looked healthy and sexy. Marriage and affluence had yet to disagree with their beauty.

“So, dare it is.” Morgan gave us her mischievous grin as she searched her mind to find a dare for Paula. “Okay, so Paula…”

Paula smiled and listened for her dare. Paula wasn’t scared; she seemed very happy to be playing this game. However satisfied she may have been in her marriage to Rick, it seemed obvious that she was asking for an excuse to do something that she normally wouldn’t or shouldn’t.

Morgan understood what Paula was wanting and would use the game to help Paula circumvent the boundaries and expectations she lived within as a good wife.

“I dare you, Paula, to choose any guy here other than your husband, take him behind the bar, and moon him for ten seconds. Make sure to have your skirt down, or up, far enough so he can see your entire butt.” Morgan didn’t let Paula have it free. Paula had to choose the participant.

I was fascinated by this dare. Who would Paula choose and why?

Paula looked across the pit to Sean, and pointed. “Okay you.”

Sean was happy; his fiancée Lisa didn’t seem bothered.

“Oh my God, this is so so crazy, right?” Paula asked Rick as she stood up. She walked towards the bar and with a glance asked Sean to follow. Once both were positioned facing each other behind the bar, Paula turned around and presumably pulled down her skirt. Sean looked down towards what we could assume was an awesome, tight, tan-lined ass.

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi…” Morgan counted. “No cheating, your whole butt must be showing.”

Paula fake sighed, and bent down a bit; She looked to be making adjustments. Sean made light of the moment with a quick look of shock. I was so envious.

Husband Rick appeared a little too chill with the situation; no doubt he didn’t want us to see him appear bothered or jealous. Lisa was turned towards the action watching her husband-to-be watch Paula. I guess the excitement made Lisa forget she had a skirt on. She put a foot up on her bench and gave me a wide view up her skirt: a sight that would probably have been rewarding had she not still been wearing Sean’s ugly boxers.

“Ten Mississippi.”

Paula fixed herself back up while Sean returned to his seat next to Lisa. Sean was cool with his reaction and came across like he had just glanced at a shoelace for ten seconds. I wondered who Sean was trying to spare from embarrassment, Paula’s husband Rick, or Paula; or, perhaps, his soon-to-be wife.

Later Sean told me that Paula had her hands placed on each side of her ass and for most of the time she was actually spreading her cheeks a little bit apart. Naughty girl she was. The dare didn’t require her to spread her cheeks at all, yet behind the bar, Paula was secretly making sure Sean was able to see everything, asshole and all.

Now it was Paula’s turn.This should be interesting, I thought. Would her target be husband Rick who had only been chosen for one turn so far? To my surprise, Paula turned to me.

“Duncan, truth or dare?” Paula asked.

“Dare,” I said.

Paula’s looked right into my eyes while she was thinking. “Well my dear, what I just had to do was really bad, so It’s probably only fair that your dare be bad too, right?”

While Paula was thinking, it occurred to me that she had not once looked over at her husband since showing Sean her ass. Was he pissed off and she knew it? Or did she just not want him to have a chance to say “no more?”

“Okay,” Paula said, “this might be too extreme, but…”

“Uh oh, not liking the sound of this.”

“Yeah, you might want to have another shot,” Paula said. “I dare you to choose anyone here to go behind the bar with you, and let them give you an elephant handshake for fifteen seconds.”

“Elephant handshake?” I asked in shock, knowing full well what she meant.

“Yes, grab your penis,” she laughed.

It was hard to decide who to choose.

I most wanted to choose Lisa because I thought it would be so hot to see her trying to manage the awkwardness. But, it might have caused tension between my friend Sean and me, and would be difficult to share details with him later if the participant was his fiancée.

Paula had just done a dare and I thought it would be too much to put a dick in her hand right after her husband had to witness another man viewing her bare ass.

I almost chose May but didn’t want to make her new boyfriend Bob uncomfortable.

Our host Morgan had no husband or boyfriend to offend. Morgan had always been with her boyfriend Dan when I’d been around her in the past. She was finally single and perhaps able to do something other than flirt with me and tease me to death.

“I guess I’ll chose Morgan,” I said.

Morgan was sitting extra still while I was deciding who to pick. Was she trying not to get picked, or hoping I’d choose her? Given that she’d not been so quiet at any time during the game until then, it was unlikely she was indifferent about my choice.

Then it hit me – the reality of what I had to go do. I had to have my dick in Morgan’s hand. I would for sure have to see her again at Sean and Lisa’s upcoming wedding. I was seriously thinking about refusing the dare.

I think Morgan sensed that I was going to chicken out, and she offered some encouragement. “It will be okay, we’re all drunk …” Morgan continued to reassure me as she got up and walked up to the bar. “As much as I’ve had to drink, I’ll probably forget whose penis I grabbed by tomorrow anyway. But go ahead and chicken out if you want,” she goaded. “Shot?”

“Come on,” Lisa said. “Everyone else had the guts to do their dare.”

“Fuck it, okay let’s do a shot and get this done.”

Morgan and I toasted glasses and downed a shot of tequila.

“Here’s to seeing more of each other soon,” I joked.

“Much more, and, real soon I’m thinking,” Morgan laughed back.

I was quickly learning that Morgan was ridiculously competitive, and more than happy to make you feel like an ass if she had the chance.

“Let’s go,” I said. I arrived behind the bar while unbuttoning my jeans. Morgan followed around, looking like she did this every day and couldn’t be less amused or impressed with my bravery. With my jeans unbuttoned I rolled my eyes and pulled my thingamabobber out over my boxers. I let things dangle, and waited for Morgan to grab me. Morgan was unmoved by my bold presentation. I found her lack of reaction very intimate and interesting; maybe I was re-framing her un-amused reaction to avoid being offended? Morgan didn’t give away her impression of what she was seeing. No sounds, comments or gesturing.

She looked with engagement down at me, then grabbed me in her hand from underneath, palm up, then wrapped her fingers around like she was gripping a ski pole.

“For all of the fifteen Mississippis,” Paula said.

Even though everyone was watching, what was happening behind the bar that they couldn’t see, was private, quiet, sincere, and delicately real.

On the count of fifteen Morgan let go of me and started walking to her chair. Lisa tapped her as she walked by and inquired, “And?”

Morgan looked toward her and replied, “He could sell tickets to see that thing.”

“Really?” Paula asked.

“Oh very really!”

I thought about how curious it was that Lisa, my good friend’s fiancée, was the one who asked Morgan for her thoughts. Did she want to know about my cock or just want to know Morgan’s thoughts on it?

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