About the Sinner Saint Diary

About the Diary

Q. Why Bother?

By way of incredible, true stories The Sinner Saint Diary explores the interaction between sexuality and relationships and visits those erotic and intriguing areas at the edge of their intersection and beyond: temptation vs restraint, infidelity vs commitment, devotion vs desire. Sinner Saint invites you into an autobiographical catharsis and ignites your passions with intelligent, reality erotica. Heights you’ve enacted in your fantasies are seen realized on the stage of Sinner Saint’s living..

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Describe the perception you hope readers will have after reading a book from the diary?

There are many talented writers – many better than I’ll  ever be. Hopefully, the aspects I bring to the diary – humor and defiance,  compassion, sexuality – will prove particularly unique and effective in ensemble.

I’ve got one foot in the traditional world, and another in the more unconventional, rule-breaking, passionate world of path forging, hell raising and art. Perhaps the diary will help bridge the conventional with experiential for others who must have an anchor in one world but a spirit that yearns toward the fringe.

I want a reader to suspect the The Sinner Saint Diary might change the game; I want them to be excited about the rest of the series.

Q. What do you dislike most about the genre of erotica? What do you like the  most?

I am fine with the sexual activity, but uncomfortable with the language – fuck – pussy – cock – and the rest. Describing sex acts and body parts feels vulgar. Don’t get me wrong, my stories aren’t prissy. You’ll come trumpets.

Worst part: I must maintain a degree of anonymity because of the explicit content. There’s no way in hell that I’ll ever want my mother, father, or god children, to know of the series. Anonymity is antithetical to authenticity. Working out how to not throw the baby out with the come-drenched bathwater, has been the singular most critical and difficult aspect of getting the SSD going.

I figured that if I limited the blog to erotica related to the diary – the anonymity  would be a non issue – and readers would appreciate that the blog was sticking to a theme – and excuse the one-dimensionality. My thinking was exactly backwards. Because of the salacious aspects of erotic content, the blog needs an extra dose of the real human being.

So,  I changed course, peeled back the curtain – took a leap for those who I’m asking to take a leap for these stories.

Erotica has advantages as well. The whole story can be told in this genre – the best parts don’t have to be dialed back. The genre has potential to grow in some new directions. Erotica allows for sexual content – but it does not restrict the non-sexual content.

Q. What writers have influenced you?

Bukowski, Rilke, Whitman

Q. How do the published volumes of the diary differ from the posts you share on your blog?

The posts on the blog do not get as sexually explicit as the books

Much more time is spent on the books, so the quality will be better.

Current publications:


Dare – Volume I, Sinner Saint Diary Series

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