Cheating Series XIII: Part 2: Mexico & Why Separation or “breaks” in Marriage Might be a Super Ridiculous idea.

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We’d just checked into the condo and I went strait for the patio to check out the view. As if the beautiful ocean view wasn’t enough, I look over to my right and saw three women – two of them were topless, sunbathing.

They acted more concerned than I think they were – one of them didn’t even bother to cover herself. Apparently our unit was vacant for a few days, and since our patio was the only vantage point from which the ladies could be seen, they’d made use of the privacy.

After the tops were on we introduced ourselves. Two of them were from my state and the third a friend from Charlotte, NC. The large breasted brunette was a hair stylist and the other, the one who wasn’t in a hurry to hide her breasts, had dirty brown hair like mine and is married to an periodontist.

Obviously I invited them to come over later for happy hour. And they came, and we all drank.

I was traveling with one of my parents – my parents can party and are as great as people get  – but, their bedtime is a bit earlier than what I am used to. So, after they went to bed, I ventured across the street to see what trouble I could find, and lo and behold, the three neighbors were at the bar I wondered into, And, they were shitfaced – and proud of it!

I got a warm, neighborly welcome and we talked shit over several rounds of shots. The hair stylist, who just separated from her husband, casually invited me to check out the third floor, rooftop area. I think she wanted to smoke, whatever, doesn’t matter.

I wasn’t sober but she was less so. Nobody was up there on the top floor, so obviously, we started kissing. I took a moment to mention she was married, and she makes it clear that if not me, it would be someone.

She looked good, smelt good – my morals exercised some flexibility. A few minutes into kissing she started feeling crotch. They seriously must have revamped sex ed. just after I went through school – see my post on Why are Women so Quick to the Penis – Have the Rules Changed?

So I reached under her shirt and glazed my finger against her bra, over and around her nipple. Her fondling of me was working and I didn’t want to get a hard or worse up there, So I broke off and suggested we go do another shot. We exchanged iphone details and went down to join her friends. On the way to the bathroom I encountered the Southern friend and micro-madeout with her.

So, when I returned to the bar from the bathroom, I got to the bottom of things. with Sheri, you know, the one with nice hair and wondering hand?

Sheri moved into her own apartment a few weeks ago (just a week prior the Mexico trip). The separation followed just over a decade of marriage. It “wasn’t permanent, maybe, just a chance to have some distance, sort things out,” she told me.

“and have some hot sex with someone new?” yes I asked (I might sin but fuck it, I’m honest – especially when drinking).

“No, well maybe yes, but that’s.. I don’t know, it’s complicated,” Sheri fumbled, busted.

“Does he want to fuck around, I mean, do you think he will? Why you are separated?”

“No, well maybe, he doesn’t exactly have a lot of ‘game,’ so I doubt it.

“Are you going to fuck around?”

“Honestly? Probably. It’s been bad, have to make hay ya know?”

“Will you tell him about it?”

“Fuck no, he couldn’t deal.”

The cranky one of the three interrupted our conversation, had to go for some inexplicable reason, so the stylist left with a look that redefined, if not out performed all versions of the “I wanna fuck you” looks.

I went home and was down to my boxers, teeth were brushed and I was ready to get in bed, and she texted me, “I can’t sleep, want to go for a walk?”

I guess a 1am walk on the beach in Mexico sounded really safe to “drunk me,” so I said “yea,” and we met on here porch – the one where I caught her topless

We walked about fifty feet on the beach. It was empty and a bit creepy, so we walked back to the adjacent doors to our condos, and she invited me in. And we went strait to her room;  conveniently, the other two were sharing the master bedroom.

She dissipated into her bathroom for a while and I had almost worked up enough moral fortitude to leave, when she walk out.

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