Cheating Series XIII: what happened in Mexico last week & Why Separation or “breaks” in Marriage Might be a Super Ridiculous idea.

I have Considered doing a post about temporary separations many times but have always decided against doing so because the arguments against doing so have seemed too obvious to be interesting.

Thanks to my trip to Mexico last week, I have a fresh story to go with the topic; What I’ve read about separation – what people were advising about it – has always seemed at odds  with my experiences with the concept;  so, I did some further research this weekend… and felt the same disconnect – especially on top of the findings fresh from Mexico:

I present the following for your consideration with the topic of marital separations – with hopes the “field research” will be amusing – (if not inspire mass hornyness and global spikes in masturbatory activity.)

Thesis: Couples  rarely use breaks from marriage for the sake of their marriage – it’s’ a decoy – a cover story. The real reason is to lesson the pain of – or dodge the guilt from what they actually want to do: if they want a break, they either want to cheat or want out of the marriage, or both.

But, before we get in to the break from marriage related story, some other naughty stuff happened too – I’ll walk you backwards from the last to the first of it.

This girl on the whale watching boat we went on Wednesday caught me slipping out of my swim trunks. It was an unexpected collision but too head-on for either us us to pretend we didn’t see it happen.

It was not a large boat – maybe thirty or so on board – but we were alone for a moment up near the bow – I was up next for the bathroom and was turned around on the bench taking photos of the ocean with my legs scrunched behind the bench keeping me balanced.

Rosalia tapped on my shoulder with the margarita I’d ordered; she politely held on to it  while I hurriedly tried to untangle my legs and work some acrobatics to get facing the right way – where she was standing.

Mid way through my 180 the leg of my swim suit snagged on some hook sticking out form the side of the boat. The hook pulled my trunks up my leg towards my hip, and my prego-poll popped out.

I wasn’t sailing cowboy style – my swim suit has the mesh-like inner lining thing, if you’ve owned a swimsuit and seen one, you know that a jockstrap it is not. She was right there, we shared a moment of frozen indecision – with our eyes on my lose end – it was a moment too freeze-framed for us to act like nothing happened.

“Oops,” Rosalia said, discreetly. It was just enough to unfreeze thee moment.

“Sorry about that, ” told her as I got situated. “That was embarrassing.”

“I’s okay, de nada, crazier things have happened onboard – one man lost his shorts completely.

“Let’s have a shot and forget that just happened,” I suggested – trying to flirt my embarrassment away.

“I would love to but can’t while working.. but maybe later once we’re off the boat?”

SO, that happened and the whale watching cruise lasted a couple more hours. No whales were found. The suit malfunction isn’t naughty per say – but relevant because it started a chain of events that lead to seeing Rosalia. I But Rosalia was found a few hours later – we’ll continue with that part later.

rosalia on boat 3

Rosalia being teased by crew mate about having the only “whale” siting of the day

I had given up on the possibility of having that shot with Rosalia (the girl on the right dressed in black). But, thanks to Linda’s (girl on left), the possibility showed up about five minutes before the cruise ended.

I was chatting with the two about not finding any whales – they felt bad none were spotted – it was fine because they got me nice and drunk instead.

Anyway, the other girl threw Rosalia totally under the buss and said, “well Rosy saw something big today …”

Rosy tried to shush her but mainly blushed and tried to hide her face…

“Guess it wasn’t a whale, ” she laughed,

I didn’t even care why Rosy blabbed about my accident – I figured if she bothered talking to her crew mate about it, might be a sign she’d meet up later.

I invited both to meet for a drink. I’ll get to that part later. First, let me tell you how things started earlier in the week with the hair stylist who was beginning one of these “marital separations..” to be continued next post…

Continue on to part 2: Cheating Series XIII: Part 2: Mexico & Why Separation or “breaks” in Marriage Might be a Super Ridiculous idea.


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Cheating Series XIII: what happened in Mexico last week & Why Separation or “breaks” in Marriage Might be a Super Ridiculous idea.

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8 thoughts on “Cheating Series XIII: what happened in Mexico last week & Why Separation or “breaks” in Marriage Might be a Super Ridiculous idea.

  1. There’s always better sex outside the relationship because we always want what we can’t have. Sex with someone else is a novelty. I can’t imagine how someone can keep the spark alive with the same person for their entire married/partnered life. The longest I managed was 8 years and it was totally dead in the water by then.


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