First naked interview: Kristy & Janice

Where: I am at my house with Kristy and Janice. Kristy and I are naked from head to toe. The plan is to interview Kristy but we are group messaging the interview – Janice is over on my couch to observe and supervise this experiment.

Wait, naked? What the hell?

Okay, let’s back up.

How:  Earlier tonight, I was  at an an “open mic” night at a club/bar. Kristy was there watching Janice sing with one of the acts. So I got talking to Kristy while Janice was on stage etc. etc.

Kristy happens to have an amazing body, I told her it was too bad I wasn’t painting these days, because I’d could ask her to pose for a painting – but that I just do interviews now.

Kristy had a brilliant suggested, well why don’t you do naked interviews, problem solved.

Of course I thought this a brilliant idea, and asked if she’d be my first naked interview.

Of course she said no, that’s crazy.

So I let that idea go, sort of. In the  mean time, I showed them a few interviews on the blog and we three had a shot or two.

Kristy warmed up to the idea of an interview. She wasn’t going to do a naked one, but as a lost ditch effort I asked again and said, I’ll be nude too if it would make her feel more comfortable, and Janice can supervise – it will make history, and if it feels weird, we get dressed, simple. Bucket list story to tell her grand kids. etc.

Kristy agreed interview with no promises about the naked part.

We were at my table ready to start and went to unbutton my jeans and asked, “What do think, should we do this naked?”

She said, fuck it, sure.

and here we are.

Sinner: Hi Kristy, you’re naked. Hi Janice.

Kristy: Yes I am, as are you.

Janice: You both are fucking crazy.

Sinner: So, this is your first naked interview?

Kristy: that would be yes. You?

Sinner: Yes. Well, first one that started naked anyway.

Sinner: How old are you two?

Janice: I am 31.

Kristy: Almost 30 (ugh) next month.

Sinner: Yea, that’s really old.

Kristy: Fuck you.

Sinner: joking, look at me, I’m ancient.

Kristy: Yes you are.

Sinner: Fuck you.

Kristy: “Joking.”

Janice: Do I need to separate you two?

Sinner: I bet you don’t shave, don’t worry – harry bush is hot, get naked with us?

Janice: OMFG! That’s okay. And, actually, I do shave.

Kristy: I don’t. 🙂 well not much.

Sinner: I noticed, nice.

Janice: Oh god.

Sinner: What?

Janice: nothing.

Sinner: I liked your outfit tonight, Kristy. Why didn’t you wear a bra?

Kristy: thanks, It’s my fuck you to ex outfit and works better without one.

Sinner: Agreed. Okay, first reader question, have you ever “cum kissed?”

Kristy: What is that?

Sinner: I asked same thing. “when a girl has a mouth full of cum (preferably sucked from a pussy) and she shares it with another girl in a sensual kiss.”

Kristy: Can’t say I have.

Sinner: Janice?

Janice: Nope.

Sinner: Why haven’t you?

Kristy: Just has never cum up, lol.

Janice: I don’t kiss girls and don’t generally put cum in my mouth.





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