Seriously, honestly, it is fucking fraud – like this conversation isn’t of interest if not critical to billions of us – yet the conversation is only announced to six viewers? seriously? fuck them, system needs to get fucked. Or, perhaps the porn video with me and a kardashian isn’t relevant. my bad.

Read prior posts and within comment sections. thank you.


Until now, Maybe, You wondered.. was I a sex sinner, or saint? or, more likely, you hadn’t put that much thought into it. I am either full of shit, or I am a larger sinner or a bigger hope than I am requiring admission for.

And – you know what – I am not here to be mystery.

This is not my livelihood = such that it is.

I guess – if this is about anything –

is that I don’t fucking know – and I’m trying to be honest about it.


Numbers drive traffic – which drive message – which drive you – which, well the Number part – the driver, is false. not honest

more so, it’s actually a complete fraud.

No, not saying wordpress, etc.  (i hope)

but for anyone to be heard (which this blog is not) .. you know what I mean.

this is an art blog. which means this is a freedom blog. which means this is a human blog. which means this is a sex blog.

there are times when the forces of artistry and freedom collide with those in power to stop them. This Is the battlefront.

the stuff about google – it vanishes every time I write about it, so

let’s just agree GOOGLE.COM is not nefarious nor are Iranian Governments.

Nor are any words you are reading now that you assume others cannot intervene in and aren’t in the cross fire of tragically complex, and technological, and psycho-combative conflicts abroad and within and already, entirely, throughout.

and may I be fired, or dismembered, or forgotten if in fact anyone figures out any of the nonsense I am saying, if in fact it ever gets out. )