Why oh why, Eight Heartbreaking Questions About Love and Lust

  1. Why do the ones we wish to impress the most, appreciate us the least – and those we desire the most, always desire someone else?

  2. Why do bad suspicions usually turn out to be true – while high hopes so often do not?

  3. Why do they never change for the better – and the more you try to convince them to – the worse they become?

  4. Why are we most attracted to those most unavailable?

  5. Why are the ones who crave sex and like it the naughtiest – always gay or crazy?

  6. Why does the best sex come after the worst fights – and, do the biggest fights come after the worst sex? If so, shouldn’t that lead back around to the best sex again?

  7. Why do we have to run away before they’ll want us – but if it works and they run after us, we no longer want them?

  8. Why is the brother or sister always hotter than the brother or sister we end up with?


2 thoughts on “Why oh why, Eight Heartbreaking Questions About Love and Lust

  1. Abuse as the precursor could be the answer to 90% of these questions. Just because people don’t remember it cognitively doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, repression is the reason most have identity crisis in formative years that cause them to identify with the same gender. I think without questioning what the body remembers, most go through life without an awareness of intent, manipulation, and past pain. But in general, most look for love in others when it has shoved deep down within themselves, my experience of course.

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  2. Thank you for your comment and insights,

    I believe it, and also the reason for many more serious questions I left off this list – so it wouldn’t be too dark and negative.

    I don’t know how to fix this (them) – I’ve let them unload a lot on to me but they never seem to get it out of their system, the abuse never ends…. seems like abuse is taken out on those who care, instead of the original abuser.

    Yes, that is very perplexing, how one could not remember things that have such significant impact on their lives. But I know It can happen, she doesn’t seem to recall anything, and there was even something (clearly much less severe and damaging) that happened with me – that I completely forgot about until this year when the memory surfaced out of nowhere.


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