Should There be Doctors for Orgasms & other Questions About Sex

If a person hires an escort (prostitute) should they get their money back if they don’t orgasm?

If they cheat and the sex is bad, should they feel cheated?

If their partner gets off watching them do it, should they be blamed for doing it?

Should there be doctors and clinics that treat ailments with orgasms?

Should politicians have to have at least one debate in the nude?

If someone is working on their roof and watching a neighbor sunbath – out in the open but in their own backyard, who’s fault is it?

If you slept with them first, is it really cheating if you hookup with them again, or is it the the person their with now who cheated you?

If you’ve already done it once, is it twice as bad or no worse to do it again?

Would you choose tell your partner about all of your past sexual experiences with others if you could know everything about your partner’s past encounters?

Are you more likely to not tell your partner because it was too good or because you were too bad?





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