Survey to Check my Guesses as to the nature of Female Masturbation

update: 10/4/2017 – thank you to those who have participated so far. I need some more data before the results are solid enough to report on. Please use the form below to anonymously help conclude this study. Thank you so much.

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Wouldn’t we all like to be in any girl’s mind while she masturbates and see what she’s actually imagining? And, what part of the vision does she hang on at the moments her orgasms come to fruition?

And, what about all the other aspects of a woman’s masturbatory process.

Here are my best guesses as to occurrence statistics on several measures relating to the masturbation process and preferences.

People they know vs. Strangers : 15% known people, 85% anonymous strangers

Specific sex acts vs. romantic, abstract scenes: 40% specific sex acts vs 60% abstract scenes

Dirty vs Romantic: 30% Dirty, 70% Romantic

Think about stuff naughtier than with husband: 40% naughtier – 50% not as naughty

Husband vs Some other man: 1% Husband vs 99% some other man

Multiple Orgasms vs Stopping after 1 orgasm: 35% multiple, 65% single

Vibrator/Clit Stimulation vs Dildo/Penetration: 70% clitoral, 30% vaginal/penetration

Bathroom vs Bedroom vs Elsewhere:  15% bathroom, 90% bedroom, 10% elsewhere

Watch porn vs read porn vs no porn: 15% watch porn, 25% read porn/erotica, 60% no porn

Flesh colored toy vs colorful: 10% flesh colored vs 90% purple, red, or other color

Female readers, please answer for yourself using the survey form below – and help us get some actual stats  so we can see just how full of shit the Sinner Saint is with his estimates.

Name is optional** 100% anonymous **  whether you choose to include your username or not, all responses are 100% anonymous and confidential. I will only use each response to calculate totals for each question and no other information will be compiled nor posted. If you wish to be anonymous where even I won’t know who you are, then please feel free to leave the username field empty.

Thank you.

(I will start tabulating the results below as soon as I have received a few. If I receive enough responses to be statistically relevant, I will calculate and post the deviations between my guesses and reader evidence and we’ll see the percent accuracy of my predictions.)


7 thoughts on “Survey to Check my Guesses as to the nature of Female Masturbation

  1. So I guess something is up with me bc maybe I engage in this act once a year. But the thought of being wanted and abruptly taken is all I need to climax with stimulation to my clit alone, nothing else really does it, and I never imagine anyone bc it solely for the feeling. Sad but true.

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    • Maybe we should discuss this and see what’s up with it. Am I understanding correctly, you only masturbate once a year, or only come once a year? And, you don’t thinking about anyone or anything, you just stimulate your clit? But, what’s this about the thought of being taken abruptly? I feel we could benefit from some clarification about all of this.

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      • Idk. I have recently been accosted by “christian” men who want me to be their wife and all they think about is sex covertly. I am an abuse survivor which In my research has lended to either extreme promiscuity or prudish behavior, both which I have partaken. I have interviews 602 homosexuals and have concluded that sex feel perverted most of the time giving way to guilt feelings if I didn’t feel guilty I presume I would masturbate more often but my need is closeness, and unfortunately have had sex to appease men when I only cared about being held afterward. It’s deep no doubt, and I am just beginning my healing journey in intimacy. I believe foundationally that sex is dirty and an obligation to satisfy male lust. Secretly I hate men and what they expect of me. But if I found someone who loved me, maybe I would express all that it bottled up inside of me.

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