Where Should we go? please don’t make me fuck Taylor Swift to Get attention

Looking for direction and feedback.

We’re getting enough response to continue the blog. For now.

Can you tell me where to go? do you  like interviews? more SSD amazon book publications?

Do you want more free-form, stories of my life?

Do you want me to be risky or daring? nude interviews? Pissed off people from my stories? um…..  more pics? I mean, what can I do to  further enlighten your path or pleasure your senses? name it – and I’ll give it?

Thank you for any comments you can share – to help me know where to go and figure out how I can contribute.

Where Should we go? please don’t make me fuck Taylor Swift to Get attention




How to fuck girls: advice I’d have given a younger brother had I ever had one.

  1. The longer you wait to even kiss her, the more likely she’ll let you do anything.
  2. When you don’t know what to be, don’t be what you think she wants you to be, just be honest.
  3. Forget and ignore any sex scene you’ve seen or see in any movie . All fake, and not how you fuck.
  4. You must be able to last fifteen – twenty minutes, see me for training curriculum if necessary.
  5. If you want to be her best shopping friend, fuck her sensuously and passionately.
  6. If You want to make her come, fuck her hard and relentlessly.
  7. it’s communication and giving. You can kiss her cheek honestly or fail, drill her pussy like a masturbation accessory. You fake it – you lose.
  8. If she can’t come – it’s you, not her. Work it out, figure it out, or kiss her goodbye. fuck her like it’s life or death, because it is.
  9. Don’t talk about it. No, not even your best friends or fraternity buds. You reduce you and her if you do. If it’s worth mentioning, let her do so. Yes, you’ll compound your options by keeping exploits to yourself, but much more importantly, you’ll not be a stupid dick. understand?
  10. For the first round of life, money wins no matter how great you can fuck, or how much better other guys can,  so focus on the money until you’ve found the best who will be your wife.