I made that Naughty Polls Website

Okay, I made the poll site I posted about last week. There’s is more to be added to it, but it is up and working – with a few dozen questions for those who want to try it out.

No sign up necessary to answer poll questions but you need to have a non-blocked IP. When you go to answer your first poll – the site will direct you to select your gender – then return you to the original poll  you were answering. Selecting your gender is necessary because all poll results are broken down by gender.

The following images are linked to the corresponding actually pages if you want to try them out.

Home page screenshot – shows available poll categories

naughty polls homepage


Category Page – shows Poll questions in particular category

naughty polls question page 2

Single Poll Page Example

naughty polls answer page


I hope you enjoy the site – Let me know how it works and what you think. The site is brand new and still in beta – there are many more poll questions and features coming.



5 thoughts on “I made that Naughty Polls Website

  1. I like it! I was going to make some polls too but you’ve got quite a system! I love telling my secrets anonymously!

    I have a few questions.

    Are you developing the app yourself?

    Will you be posting a privacy policy to tell us what data will be associated with our IP, what will be stored and how it will be used?

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    • I appreciate your caution. I use the IP to prevent double voting and to remember people’s gender. It was in place of requiring membership signup – which I feel is more intrusive, less anonymous – and of course, could save people’s IPs as well. I do not and will never attempt to associate IP with voters.


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