Why are Women so Quick to the Penis – Have the Rules Changed?

Why all the penis contact – Are women following new rules?

I’m not really complaining – let’s call this an inquiry.

Once upon a time, girls would hold back on making contact with  a guy’s penis. So much so, it remained an open question whether or not they even wanted any such contact – or just shy about it – not wanting to come across to eager, slutty.

I’m mainly talking about behavior while making out – especially the first couple of times with someone.

The rules used to be, the girl wouldn’t touch a guy’s crotch area, until he touched her crotch first – or, at least until the he started feeling out her chest. Even then, a girl grabbing and feeling out a guy’s junk was more often second, or third date territory.

As is the case with the last four girls I’ve “interacted with,” old rules didn’t apply – dismissed  without a nod or even a wave goodbye. All four dates went went for my crotch and proceeded to locate, touch, and fondle my dick before I had felt a boob or an ass cheek. Two of the four, after I’d let my hands get busy, initiated the next step – first to dive under clothing. There hands were on me – skin to skin – before I ventured up their shirt or inside their pants. (okay one had a skirt and I’d found her ass via the most logical route.) But still..

What changed that makes feeling out and rubbing a guy’s penis a standard component of the first make-out session? And, God bless them, why are women  now unashamed about making the first move in that regard?

Perhaps it’s an age thing? – I haven’t made out with anyone under thirty in years, but it seems to be different even in the past few years. Has there been a change in cultural trends? Has Cosmo been running articles recommending a more aggressive, “dick first” attitude? Or, maybe Oprah had a guest on her show, who wrote a book about the advantages to early dicktection? Perhaps women are busier, have less free time and don’t want to ‘mess around” when they mess around? Could it be a practical matter – get some inspection in before wasting time on a second date?

What thoughts do you have? Men, have any of you noticed this too? How about you ladies, are you quicker to feel a guy’s crotch than you used to be? Any thoughts as to what has emboldened women, why the rules have changed and why women seem to be more comfortable initiating contact with penis?

Whatever-the-case, if women are more comfortable with penis contact, it’s probably a good thing despite the reason.



20 thoughts on “Why are Women so Quick to the Penis – Have the Rules Changed?

  1. Perhaps as we get older, many of us women are more sure of what we want, and with that, more sure of who we are. That includes out sexual desire & expression. The hesitancy & insecurity is stripped away, and we feel free & comfortable & able to do & touch who & how we want to – we’ve learned to grab life by the balls, you could say.

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  2. Personally, it’s an experience thing for me. I think the more experienced I’ve become and the more comfortable and confident sexually. I don’t think I ever followed rules, I just role with it and with what feels right at the moment.

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  3. I think it has to do with not being inhibited when it comes to sex, trying to be more involved and letting the person your with know your into what is going on. It’s not as awkward as not really doing anything and letting them do it all. If that makes since.

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  4. I can’t really remember ever being hesitant about making that kind of contact. I have mostly male friends so I never really got the mystique of the penis. It was just something people of the other gender had. Needless to say I’m even less shy about it now.

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